Monday, July 26

Food for Thought


I decided to post an entry about my recent visit to Food for Thought before I head to bed because I think it'll make me feel slightly less cluttered. I feel like there's a lot going on and I need to focus my mind and energy on things that matter. In the mean time, I can always rely on food for comfort!

Years ago, I visited the Food for Thought outlet that is situated across the street from the national library. I remember it being a small and cosy place that serves cafe-type food. When I heard that there's a larger and newer outlet had opened at Queen Street, I knew I had to give it a go because it has been way too long since I revisited Food for Thought.

Bright block colours and a gigantic rabbit make Food for Thought stand out from its surroundings.

As Food for Thought has a no-reservations system, we went there for an earlier-than-usual lunch on Saturday and managed to get a table without waiting for a long time. The menu at the Queen Street outlet is definitely more extensive than the one opposite the national library and we'd some trouble picking the dishes that we want to try! Everything looked so good! In the end, we decided to skip the starter and settled for two mains and two desserts.

Interesting paper table mats with some information regarding poverty and how the people at Food for Thought are planning to help the less fortunate out.

We decided to have a cup of hot thick milk chocolate ($5 per cup) each instead of orange juice and it proved to be a wise choice because their hot chocolate was well-blended and it wasn't too milky!

A shallow plate with a massive amount of gula granola ($8). This came with milk which I skipped because I am not a fan of it. We ordered the large portion because we wanted to share! Jeffrey doesn't really like granola so I ate most of it! This plate of granola is probably the sweetest and most flavourful I've ever had because of the large portions of apricots, raisins and prunes! It's a delight to have especially if you're looking for something that packs a punch!

Jeffrey opted for the Full Works ($18), which consisted of some vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, some bacon slices, baked beans, cut-up sausages, potato balls as well as scrambled eggs. It was a typically comforting breakfast set and Jeffrey liked it a lot - especially the cut-up sausages!

For dessert, I just couldn't resist ordering their signature Red Velvet Cake ($6), which tasted like relatively hard sponge cake with layers of cream that has the consistency of cream cheese. Personally, I didn't like the raspberry sauce that was sprinkled over the cake but other than that, the cake was pretty fine! It's a definite must-try if you aren't a chocolate lover and you want something not-so-heavy to end off your meal.

Our other dessert was the ferrer rocher cake ($7), which apparently is one of their bestsellers. This cake was rich, sinful and gratifying for the chocolate-desirous soul. It was absolutely divine and I was completely blown away by it! I was already quite full from eating most of the red velvet cake but I polished this cake off too because it was too good to be wasted! You really should try it if you, like me, love chocolate!

Food for Thought is definitely a restaurant which I am keen to return to! Do visit Food For Thougt: Good Food for a Good Cause if you are around the area or if you want to have good and reasonably priced food.

Alright it's time to pack and get ready for bed. Goodnight everyone. Have a great week ahead! (:


  1. This restaurant is situated in the old Catholic High School at Queen Street, right? That's where I studied Pre-Primary in....1984! Looks like instead of tearing down the building, they have decided to upgrade it :)

  2. Hello Yueheng! (:

    The old Catholic High School at Queen Street is STILL there! Food for Thought is actually OPPOSITE your old school. Jeffrey says that he used to go to that school too!