Sunday, July 11

The Square @Furama

Hello! (:

It's a bright & sunny morning! I woke up slightly later than expected because I was up doing work! Yesterday was a pretty fulfilling day because I had not one but TWO great meals which I will probably be blogging about when I've time. I forsee myself not being able to blog as often as I did in the past but I will try my best to keep this blog alive! (:

Anyhow, my family went to The Square at Furama Hotel to celebrate one of my sister's birthday! (: There aren't many restaurants serving dinner buffets at an affordable price so we were overjoyed when we found out that The Square has a one-for-one dinner promotion! (: Called The Square up, made a reservation and down we went for a celebratory dinner!

To my surprise, the dinner spread was pretty impressive! (: There was a soup and bread bar, cold dish corner, the usual warm food display, a special drunken prawns section and a dessert corner. Everything tasted average or better than average except the desserts! =( As I'm a dessert fan, I couldn't help but feel slightly dissatisfied that the range and quality of desserts offered were not up to my expectations.

Here are some snapshots of the food that Jeffrey and I had (the place was dark and it was difficult to take photos so these are the ones that didn't turn out too badly):

A bowl of vegetable soup (I can't remember whether it's broccoli or cauliflower or something else) which was GOOD! It looked slightly diluted but it tasted great!

Cold dish platter (from left in clockwise direction): apple salad, cold spaghetti and sashimi (which was unexpectedly fresh!)

Tasting palette: chinese-style calamari (yummy!), green vegetables, sushi and salmon

A mix of everything: sushi, cold spaghetti, pork ribs(?), salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi

Some greens and some noodles: lettuce, apple salad, stirfried noodles (one of the best dishes that night!)

A piece of fish fillet at the far corner, cauliflower with cheese (not bad!), stirfried noodles

Dessert platter: mango jelly, chocolate cake (probably the best thing on the plate), strawberry mousse cake

One scoop of vanilla icecream (it was okay)

Chocolate fondue! (: There weren't strawberries for the fondue so we sneakily went over to the cake section and took some fresh strawberries off the cakes and covered them with chocolate sauce! Heavenly!

Highlight of the meal: My sister's birthday cake! (: She didn't want us to get her a big cake because she wanted ALL of us to learn the meaning of SHARING (actually she was just hoping that my father would give her the money that was meant for her birthday cake so that she'll get more birthday money). I decided to fulfil her birthday 'wish' of cutting a slice of cake into many little portions and she was pretty pleased (: The cake tasted pretty decent so I don't regret not getting a proper cake for her.

The meal came up to about $20+/ pax (after one-for-one discount) so it was pretty value for money! I think my family wouldn't mind going back to The Square again in future because of its above-average food as well as its family friendly setting.

Okay that's all I've to share for now! Have a great Sunday everyone! (:

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