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It's already Saturday NIGHT! My precious weekend is slipping by too quickly for my liking! I seriously need to learn the ropes fastER and be MORE efficient so that I can have more time for other (non-work) things!

Anyhow, I've GOOD NEWS for Toast lovers! Toast at Takashimaya has reopened! (: I dropped by Toast about a month ago and it has a spanking new layout which looks pretty but compromises on seating capacity! One thing I dislike about the new layout is the overusage of mirrors! I guess the idea was to use the mirrors to make the space look bigger but it makes diners like me feel odd because I don't wish to see my reflection when I'm eating! The good thing is that the quality of food is still the same which is good! Jeffrey and I made the effort to try new dishes during our visit there a month or so ago and here are some photos of what we had:

A not-so-new dish: Classic caesar salad (it comes with a sandwich/ wrap as part of a set)

I was being exceptionally greedy that day so I opted for a combination of 3 salads ($9.80) - roast pumpkin with tofu, rocket and red onion (right), roasted sweet potato with red kidney beans, fine beans, baby spinach with maple mustard dressing (left) and wild rice salad with granny smith and golden raisins (centre back). I must say that this was a really fulfilling platter of food! I loved every single salad item! (: I'm starting to think that I should alternate between my favourite egg cress wrap and salad combo when I drop by Toast.

Jeffrey's BLT sandwich which is made up of crispy bacon, iceberg lettuce and tomato on panini ($8.50). It was much thinner than expected but he said that it was good. Somehow I still feel that a meat-ier sandwich would have been more filling.

For dessert, we had a chocolate deluxe cupcake ($4.50) which was pure decadence. Everyone should try this for some endorphins!

We also had a Geisha - buttermilk and pandan cupcake with green tea and coconut frosting ($4.50). This didn't taste as sinful as the chocolate cupcake but it nevertheless gave enough kick for a dessert (: This is indeed a good compliment to the chocolate cupcake! I'm thankful I heeded the waitress' advice to order this instead of the nutella cupcake or we would have suffered death by chocolate.

If you're interested to find out what other kinds of food Toast serves, please click here. Alternatively, you can simply head down town to have a meal or to have tea there. It's a lovely place but please be warned that you may not be able to get a table during rush hour/ meal times.

Bon Appetit!

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