Saturday, July 24

Aglio Olio Bistro


It's finally the weekend again! I'm starting to think that it may be a good idea to have a 4.5day work week so that we can have slightly more time to rest. Just met up with a couple of people whom I hold dear from for lunch just now and I realised that it's important to take a day off each week at least to rest and maintain one's sanity. This will help to prevent burn out as well. I strongly believe in having a healthy work-life balance so I hope that I'll be able to keep to taking 1 day off each week to do non-school stuff!

One other thing I've realised after joining the work force is that it's pretty difficult to meet up with friends because there's just so much to do! Thankfully, I've a few close friends who, despite being equally busy or even busier than I am, take the effort to make time to meet up. To these precious friends out there (you know who you are), thank you! (:

Since we're on the topic of meeting up with friends, let me share my experience at Aglio Olio Bistro with you! A group of friends and I went to Aglio Olio Bistro to celebrate a friend's birthday. The reason why we chose to have dinner at this restaurant was because we had to go for a talk after our meal and that talk was held at one of the buildings in this area!

Because I have never heard of this place nor did I read up on what was good, Jeffrey and I decided to go for the dinner set ($32.90) - which consists of two bowls of soup, a basket of garlic bread and two plates of spaghetti/ pasta. Personally, I felt that the price was very reasonable considering the number of 'courses' and the portion sizes! It's definitely a place that you would want to visit for relatively cheap Italian food.

Garlic bread - I think this tasted very good because it was warm and there was just enough garlic paste on each slice of bread. I love garlic bread that have slightly crispy edges and Aglio Olio's garlice bread was like that (:

Soup of the day was corn and chicken soup if I'm not wrong. This didn't leave much of an impression on me.

A plate of chicken wings! The chicken wings were pretty yummy! The birthday girl ate quite a few wings! Then again she's known to adore chicken wings/ drums so it's no surprise that she could eat that many wings! =)

For my main course, I chose to have vegetable and mushroom spaghetti with tomato sauce with medium spiciness. I clearly overestimated my ability to take spicy food/ underestimated their level of spiciness because this plate of spaghetti proved too spicy for my liking! I should have gone with 'mild'. I was too busy battling flames in my mouth that I didn't really appreciate the dish so I can't tell if it's good.

Jeffrey decided to go for cabonara with 'mild spiciness'. His tolerance for spicy food is lower than mine so it was only natural that he opted for 'mild'. However, he also gave feedback saying that his carbonara was too spicy! Other than that, he said the cream sauce was just nice because it wasn't too thick/ creamy.
I think the food at Aglio Olio will suit people who love spicy food and it'll probably not appeal to people who can't take much spiciness! On hindsight, I think we should have asked them if it's possible to have non-spicy spaghetti/ pasta. Perhaps we'll do that if we go back there again in future.
Alright I've to log off now! Will update again soon! (:

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