Monday, October 11

Man Fu Yuan Dim Sum

Hello! (:

I'm feeling slightly more relaxed tonight because I've finished the work that I'd brought home to do! Since I've a little bit of time before I go to bed, I shall post an entry on the delectable dim sum dishes that we had at Man Fu Yuan with my very good friend, Joanne, a few weeks or so ago (:
We decided to return to Man Fu Yuan because we were keen on trying their dimsum! Joanne read rave reviews of some of their dimsum dishes so we made a point to order those 'popular' or 'highly recommended' dishes!

First up, we had the fish rice roll ($6.80), which is cheechongfun with fish stuffing. This was one of the must-try dishes that day and I'm quite glad to say that it didn't fail to disappoint. The skin was just right - not too thin, slightly elastic - and the sauce that came with this dish was nothing short of perfect (:

Fried pork pastry ($4.80), although good, isn't something to rave about.

Panfried radish cake ($4.80), which tasted like Crystal Jade's except that MFY's is slightly less fragrant and flavourful.

Bright yellow sunshiney egg tarts ($4.80) that truly brightened our day because they tasted as good as they looked! Highly recommended for people who love egg tarts or want to have something small and sweet to balance out the savoury taste from other dimsum dishes.

Red bean paste pancakes ($4.80) which were NOT supposed to look like that! We had wanted to have the flat red bean paste 'pizza'-looking pancakes but I guess this is MFY's version of it. It tasted more like ang ku kueh! Definitely not for those who dislike gluttinous-rice-tasting skin.

Coincidentally, Joanne and I love this particular dish - Custard Buns ($10)! I've come to accept that the custard buns that Crystal Jade originally served has become something of the past because every single Chinese restaurant seems to be serving custard buns with salted egg yolk with flowy custard as fillings! Thankfully I'm pretty okay with this supposedly more popular type of custard buns so I've no complains (: The custard buns at MFY are really good! You should try them!

To add some fibre into our diet, we ordered vegetables with mushroom and beancurd ($24). The three ingredients complemented each other well! The portion of this dish was just right for the three of us.

Introducing the highlight of the meal: fried lobster noodle ($30). The noodles tasted like crispy noodles that had been soaked in and softened by the egg-y tasting gravy. Though Jo complained that the sauce was slightly too salty for her liking, I was more than fine with it! I especially loved the fresh lobster that came with the noodles! =) This is really a treat for the senses and you must try this if you are a fan of crispy noodles and/ or lobster!

We were too stuffed to ordered desserts after polishing off all the above-featured dishes! I think MFY has definitely made it to my invisible mental list of "good (Chinese) restaurants" and I would strongly encourage all who are yearning for quality Chinese food to make a trip there! =)

Have a great week ahead! (:

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