Saturday, October 9

A-Poh Kitchen

I first came to know of A-Poh Kitchen when Gumtoo mentioned that "there is a new Thai restaurant near our shop". Seeing how eager she was to give this "new Thai restaurant" a go, we agreed to accompany her to A-Poh Kitchen on one fine Saturday night for family dinner.

Though this restaurant just opened not too long ago, it seems to be doing well because the entire restaurant was packed when we arrived. Thankfully, Gumtoo had made a reservation so we managed to get seated quite quickly.

To our disappointment, A-Poh Kitchen is not a Thai restaurant; instead, it is something like a neighbourhood mixed tze-char eating place with aircon. We had wanted to eat "pad thai" but we were told that the Thai chef from Thailand hasn't arrived! =( Thankfully, they'd quite a wide range of local, Chinese and Thai dishes so we didn't have much problems choosing the rest of our not-so-Thai-ish our dishes.

After looking at the menu, we decided to take the easy way out that night by choosing one of their few recommended sets. We chose set B, which cost $68.80 and was just enough for the 5 of us who were there that night. These are the following dishes that were included in set B:

Curry fish head - it wasn't too spicy. There was a generous amount of fish so there's enough to go around, especially if not everyone at the table likes curry fish head.

Sambal Kangkong. This was well-received! Unfortunately it was the first dish that was served so it became cold very quickly.

Claypot chicken - this was extremely well done! The chicken pieces were extremely flavourful and it went very well with white rice.

Hotplate tofu - this wasn't too good because the sauce wasn't thick enough (you can tell from the photo that the sauce was slightly too watery). Also, they added cabbage-like vegetables to this dish which kind of ruined the taste of the dish. I'd rather stick to the usual maize and cauliflower.

Fried baby squid - this was pretty alright (: Nothing too spectacular but at least it was better than the hotplate tofu.

Cereal prawn - I LOVE the 'cereal'! Can't stop eating it! The prawns used for this dish was slightly different: instead of the normal de-shelled prawns, they prawns here were coated with batter and deep fried, thus making it taste better!

Because we weren't sure whether the dishes in Set B were sufficient, we decided to place a side order of Pandan Leaf Chicken ($8), which turned out to be pretty decent.

Pandan Leaf Chicken - the unwrapping of the chicken pieces was surprisingly easy! These chicken pieces were snapped up quickly!

We didn't have dessert here because at this restaurant because they ran out of dessert! I guess they weren't expecting business to be so good at the start! Guess we'll have to go back again if we want to try their desserts in future.

On the whole, the meal at A-Poh Kitchen was reasonably pleasing (: For those living in the west (or Clementi in particular), you may wish to pop by A-Poh Kitchen for some cheap and good tzechar food! Hopefully the Thai chef would have arrived by the time you visit so that you can get a taste of more authentic Thai food! (:

Alright that's all for now! Have a great Sunday everyone! (:

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