Sunday, October 24

The Old Brown Shoe

Hello! (:

The weekend flew by so quickly! Sometimes I wish we'd a 4day work week and 3day weekend instead though I'm pretty sure that we'll probably have to sacrifice at least half of our 3day weekend doing work because there's just so much to do, but at least we'll get to do it from the comfort of our homes!

Since my good friend was complaining about her imminent Monday blues, I decided to post an entry on The Old Brown Shoe, which is actually a pub located near Coronation Plaza. I've been to this place a couple of times for their cheap and good fish & chips and I reckon I'll be dropping by more in future whenever I need my fish & chips fix! A word of caution though: if you aren't a fan of rock music, then perhaps you may want to visit this place when the live band isn't playing!

Here are some photos of our food on the night we visited The Old Brown Shoe:

Mushy peas as an extra side ($3). On hindsight, I shouldn't have ordered this because it was pretty tasteless; I actually ordered it to give everyone a little bit of 'vege' in their meals but I guess it didn't really work!

A basket of calamari rings ($10). They were surprisingly good! I felt pretty thankful that we ordered this instead of the wedges! Would most definitely go for this again when we return in future!
Fish & chips wrapped in tracing paper and newspaper ($12.50). Don't be fooled by its seemingly small serving size in this photo; this photo does not capture the actual size of the scrumptuous fish fillet! The fish is tender and soft yet the outer batter is crispy and fried to perfection! =) I loved every mouthful of this dish! The fries are slightly above average too!

Steak & Gunness pie with fries ($12.50). This is the perfect dish for anyone who wishes to have something lighter. The pie was warm and the condiments were well mixed (: The fries were a nice touch!

We were too full to order desserts and I think their selection of desserts is quite limited so we gave that a miss. On the whole, the food was very satisfying and the prices were reasonable. I've bookmarked this place as a 'neighbourhood joint' that I would frequent for quality Western food/ pub grub! (:

Okay that's all for now. Have a great week ahead everyone! =)

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