Saturday, October 30


Hello! (:

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I was away at camp during the week so I couldn't update this space. Anyhow, I'm taking a break from my Saturday morning class for a term so I can FINALLY sleep in on Saturday morning! (: Whoopee! It felt GREAT waking up at 9am instead of the usual 8am today! Kind of explains why I'm in such a hyper state! =)

I'm going to post about our recent trip to Brotzeit (at 313 Somerset) because the food that we had that day match my sunshiney mood right now (:

This is the entrance to Brotzeit! Can you spot the door which you're supposed to open to get into the restaurant? We were stumped for 2 seconds before we realised that the door's camouflaged! If you go in through this entrance, you'll arrive at the 2nd storey of Brotzeit!

As you can see, the 2nd storey is pretty empty even on a Saturday afternoon so it's definitely a great place to chill out over brunch food and drinks.

Because Jeffrey and I aren't beer guzzlers, we opted for a glass of sprite and another glass of coke ($4 each).

Soon after, we were served with these two rectangular, compartmentalised dishes that contain three different types of sauces for our various dishes. There's mayo, ketchup, chilli sauce, mustard and some other brown paste which I'm not sure of. I actually tried all 5 sauces and they taste relatively okay, nothing too offensive to the taste buds.

We've heard that their french fries ($6.80) are really good so we ordered a plate to share. This bowl of fries is definitely sufficient for 2 to share so don't try to over-order, especially if you're not big eaters! The fries taste slightly like cajun fries but I'm pretty sure it's not covered solely with cajun powder. Whatever it is, the fries were good and they were a great starter to our meal!

This bowl of complimentary salad comes with our two main dishes. As you can see, the bowl is overflowing with greens and I'm pretty sure that this amount of vegetables is sufficient to fulfil the 2servings of veggies per meal guide so people who are trying to adopt a healthy living type of lifestyle can also dine here.

I went for the Ruhrei Lachs ($16.50), which is essentially a brunch set consisting of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, slices of pumpkin bread with thin slices of butter! There was nothing to dislike about this platter of delicious breakfast-y food! I thoroughly enjoyed it (:

Jeffrey opted for the Bockwurst ($16.50), which is made up of two sausages that sit atop a serving of mashed potatoes and stewed cabbage. He commented that the sausages were pretty average, which was quite shocking to me since I thought that the quality of Brotzeit's sausages is supposed to be a cut above the rest. The mashed potatoes were pretty alright but the cabbages didn't really appeal to either of us.

Finally, we chose their famouse Schokokuchen ($12.50), which consists of a chocolate lava cake of sorts and a scoop of vanilla icecream with chocolate flakes. Their chocolate lava cake didn't have thick chocolate sauce that oozed out upon cutting but the chocolate sauce was thick and sufficiently fluid. I certainly didn't regret choosing this dessert!

In all, I think Brotzeit's a great place to dine, especially when it's not crowded because service is prompt and good. I think the waiters and waitresses are extremely attentive: they make it a point to refill your glasses of water when necessary and they try to serve you your food as quickly as possible. We thoroughly enjoyed dining at Brotzeit and we'll definitely go back again in future (:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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