Thursday, October 21

Esmirada (Orchard)


The air quality has been pretty bad of late! I hope that all of you are still doing well despite the bad weather! My schedule is packed with activities for these two weeks so I may not blog that often but I'll definitely try to post about two entries per week so as to keep this space alive!

Today, I'm going to share my experience at Esmirada (Orchard) with all of you! =) Some of you may know that I am quite a fan of Mediterranean/ Spanish food but Jeffrey's slightly more conservative when it comes to eating (though I must say he's become more adventurous and is usually game for most things that I suggest sans durians) so I was more than thrilled when he suggested having lunch at this place!

I'd often passed by Esmirada and wondered why it looks so dark inside. Fact is, the interior of Esmirada IS pretty dark since the place is illuminated with warm yellow light instead of white, bright light that I prefer. But the dimness of the lights gives the entire restaurant a kind of laid-back and chillax atmosphere.

This is what the interior of the restaurant looks like - very exotic in my opinion. Most diners present that day were seated at tables next to the windows hence there aren't any people in this photo.

We started off by ordering two mocktails. The first is a shirley temple ($8), which tasted pretty normal to me but Jeffrey didn't really like it because he said it tasted like medicine.

The other drink was crushed mint leaves with lime and soda ($8), which was refreshing and cooling (:

For starters, we decided to order the Mezza Platter ($25), which serves two. We settled on this after much pondering because we didn't want a normal salad and we wanted to try a range of mediterranean starters.

The mezza platter ($25): hummus (my personal favourite!), baba ghanouj, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, marinated artichokes, tzatziki. The grilled vegetables were pretty nice but I THINK I would have liked them a tad more if they were warm.

The mezza platter came with a basket of warm, thick and doughy pita bread, which complemented the hummus extremely well!

We ordered a vegetable skewer ($21) to share becase we didn't want to have to eat a lot of the same type of meat. The individual vegetable pieces were very well grilled but I felt that they could have been slightly more marinated? Perhaps that's why they gave us some sauce to go along with it. Oh the baked potato with sour cream that came with this skewer that isn't featured in this photo was heavenly! Loved it so much that I ate almost the whole thing up!

Our main dish was Paella Espanola ($30), which is essentially seafood paella. If you like your rice to be soft and moist, then you will definitely love Esmirada's paella! I know Gumtoo prefers her rice to be slightly hard so I doubt she'll like this. The chef was extremely generous with the amount of seafood included in this paella dish! It was truly a treat =)

Last but not least, we shared a tiramisu ($10), which was served in a ceramic cup! This was one of the better tiramisus that I've tasted in my life! =) The alcohol-taste in the sponge cake layer was strong enough yet not too overpowering. I'd highly recommend this to all tiramisu-lovers! =)

In all, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Esmirada and I look forward to going back there to try new dishes!

Hang in there everyone! The weekend is almost here! =)

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