Sunday, October 3

Triple Three


This weekend went by much faster than the others because I'd an extremely packed but fun Saturday! =) Was exhausted from being out the whole of Saturday so I slept a little more today (but it's still not enought!) & spent the rest of the day getting important things done before the weekly cycle of work begins again tomorrow!

I've been wanting to post this entry for a long time because I think everyone should know that the range and quality of food at Triple Three has improved tremendously! =) In addition, they've a spanking new layout which is modern yet homely at the same time.

When we visited Triple Three, we weren't aware that there was a one-for-one offer going on, so you could imagine my glee when I found out about it! (: We spent $78++/ pax for the buffet and $5++/ pax for free flow of soft drinks so our bill came up to about $112 that day! I love discounts and offers! (:

Here are some photos of the food that we had that day:

Salad with smoked salmon and sushi.

Sushi platter: sushi with salmon sashimi

Japanese plate: tempura prawns, teppanyaki beef and teppanyaki vegetables

More teppanyaki greens, garlic prawns and some savoury tart - all were yummy!

Mixed platter (clockwise direction from sushi): sushi, some kind of prawn and cheese 'nugget' of sorts (it was amazing!), ham, chicken and smoked salmon.

From the same silver tray: broccoli (was slightly too dry for my liking), mashed potato and sauteed mushrooms (yum!)

More sushi, chicken, prawn 'nugget' and egg omelette (very flavourful!)

Carrot cake (was okay, not particularly fantastic), the prawn 'nugget' again, some vegetables and takoyaki (which didn't taste fantastic because it wasn't warm)

Sausages (which Jeffrey claimed were much better than regular sausages), cracker, egg omelette again, and a slice of beef.

Two baskets of siew mais, which were only average.

A huge plate of fried rice and carrot cake!

A plate of cream-based pasta with mushrooms and seafood to share. I didn't think the watery sauce was nice as it tasted more like warm milk than cream sauce.

Some fruits and a little glob of jellyfish just because I was tempted to try it!

One scoop of fast-melting chocolate icecream, which tasted much better than I'd expected.

One look and you can tell that I was probably the one who picked up all these items and subsequently ate everything up! From left: small splat of tiramisu (was only okay), mango crepe (fantastic!), apple crumble with vanilla sauce (alright), cheese cake (good!).

We basically helped ourselves to many more rounds of the items that we liked and we ate and ate till we could barely move! =S Thankfully we went for a slow walk after our heavy meal so that helped to aid digestion a little. We will definitely go back to Triple Three again in the near future! (:

Alright it's time to sleep. I hope I'll be able to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep the moment I hit the sack. Goodnight everyone and have a great week ahead! (:

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