Thursday, November 25

Everything with Fries


It's a cold, rainy night! I hope everyone's safe and warm at home! I'm currently waiting for my damp hair to dry so I'll write a little post about my family's visit to Everything with Fries. I've blogged about this place previously but since my family members had ordered different dishes during our visit, I thought I'd blog about this pretty fabulous western food joint located at Holland Village again!

On that day, we were feeling particularly adventurous with drinks so we ordered a strawberry milkshake, a nutella shake as well as a vanilla milkshake ($4.90 each). The photograph above features Everything with Fries' thick vanilla milkshake which was truly enjoyable (: I know some people think that milkshakes are fattening (and I don't deny that they are) but if one were to consume a milkshake, why not drink one that's of superlative quality? Everything with Fries' milkshake reminds me of Once Upon a Milkshake's milkshake, which I'm determined to bring my siblings to try before school reopens!

Tandoori chicken sandwich with caesar salad and original shoestring fries ($10.90). This may look pretty small to you but trust me, it's formidable! I guess the generous chicken portions help to make this dish filling so you won't feel hungry even though this is a 'sandwich' dish. This sandwich is particularly appealing to those who like a slightly indian-y flavour to your chicken! Overall it's quite an enticing dish (:

If you prefer something a little 'safer', you can order the grilled pork chop with coleslaw and original shoestring fries ($13.90). The thing about 'safe' dishes is that they are seldom spectacular, and this particular dish is no anomaly. My mother, who ate this dish, said that it was 'okay only' but the portion was 'just nice'. Try not to order this dish if you want to be wow-ed!

The lamb burger with caesar salad and original shoestring fries ($9.90) took the longest time to arrive! I'm not sure if it's because our order got lost in the kitchen or that the lamb patty takes a long time to put together and be cooked but yes we had to wait a very long time for this to be served! The lamb burger was certainly above average but it wasn't something to scream about. Nevertheless, it's a nice and filling dish to have, especially if you're in the mood for burgers.

We also ordered spaghetti bolognese with coleslaw and straight cut original fries ($10.90). It was our first time seeing and eating Everything with Fries' straightcut fries and we were really surprised to see that the straight cut fries were so thick! Each straight cut fry was at least twice or perhaps even thrice as thick as a normal shoestring fry! If you're a person who doesn't really like much flavouring on your fries, I'd recommend that you order the straightcut fries because the powder to potato ratio is lower for straightcut fries compared to shoestring! I think most people prefer shoestring though - my family tends to like more flavour in our food!

The only dessert that we ordered that day was the famous hot banana bread pudding with vanilla icecream ($5.90). If you are a fan of hot-and-cold desserts, then you'd love this! Otherwise, I'd suggest you go for their other signature desserts like their nutella tart or their mille crepe cake! I personally prefer the latter because it's unexpectedly light and sweet! =) I love it!

Alright that's all for tonight. It's late and I've to go to bed! Shall blog again during the weekend. Have a good Friday and a great weekend! Goodnight! =)


  1. hello! Limmy if u're a pescetarian, then what did you eat here? =)

  2. Hello!

    I ate the entire plate of straightcut fries, took some coleslaw and salad from everyone and shared the dessert!

    I went for a hightea buffet before that so I wasn't particularly hungry.. hence I didn't order a main but helped everyone else finish off whatever they couldn't finish! =)

  3. Oh I see! But why are you pescetarian? You don't eat meat? Sorry I ask too many questions! Love your blog anyway! =)

  4. Hello again! (:

    Actually the reason why I don't eat meat is quite silly: when I was very young, my maid didn't cook one particular batch of chicken wings/ drumlets (which I thoroughly enjoyed then) well so when I bit into them, they were bloody and gross =( Since then, I stopped eating chicken and other kinds of meat.

    Have tried eating meat again in my teens but never really liked the taste enough to continue eating it so now I don't (: It's more of a preference rather than anything else!

    Hope that answers your question! (: