Sunday, November 21

The Marmalade Pantry


It's the weekend again! To me, weekends are for languorous brunches, spending time with family members as well as catching up with friends! I've a few favourite/ usual weekend brunch haunts and one of them is The Marmalade Pantry at Ion! =)

I know I've posted about The Marmalade Pantry before but I think I'll do another post on it simply because I think it's an absolutely amazing place to meet up with friends. Despite its slightly overexposed seating area, the restaurant still carries a relatively relaxed and laidback atmosphere which I particularly like.

I am beginning to think that restaurant tables should be lined with some sort of a table mat so that the waiters and waitresses can shorten the time taken to clean up after each table of customers leave. However, I'm also aware that these paper tablemats aren't exactly the most eco-friendly items so maybe some other material should be used instead.

That day we chose to have pomegrante/ apple soda ($8) - which tasted pretty normal. I think the most worth-it soda that I've drunk to date is the soda elephancino at NYDC! You'll get a HUGE cup of soda at around the same price if I'm not wrong.

Jeffrey really loves his eggs any style ($18) because he never fails to order it whenever we're there! We went back to Marmalade Pantry again not too long ago and he ordered the same dish but chose to have his eggs sunny-side-up instead of scrambled! I must admit that it's a wholesome brunch dish to order!

And because I was eyeing a special dessert treat, I chose to stick with eggs florentine ($17) because I know that the portion isn't too big and it'll give me sufficient room for my dessert! Eggs florentine is essentially poached egg with spinach and smoked salmon on half a muffin, covered with creamy hollandaise sauce! =) My good friend, Jo, has successfully learnt to poach an egg and she claims that it isn't too difficult so perhaps I'll try doing it soon!

Finally, the new dessert that Jeffrey and I decided to try that day was the thin slice of chocolate nemesis ($14). Can you believe that this thin slice of chocolate fudge cake cost us $14! I actually asked the waiter if the portion was large because the chocolate nemesis costs nearly twice as much as a slice of cake from Marmalade Pantry but he gave a dubious reply - "it's enough to share". I've now learnt my lesson NOT to order the chocolate nemesis if I'm feeling particularly dessert-greedy because the portion is shockingly small! I guess we're paying for the density of this chocolate cake but I didn't feel that its rich texture warrants a $14 price tag. In the end, we had to order another slice of sea salt caramel cheesecake ($7.80), which was twice the size of the chocolate nemesis and tasted as great or even better! =) I would highly recommend the sea salt caramel cheesecake, especially if you're looking for a cheesecake with something different!

Alright that's all for now (: Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week ahead!

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