Wednesday, November 17

Original Sin

Hello! (:

After hearing that a particular family with a healthy sense of humour considers chicken 'vegetable', I decided to blog about my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Singapore to date - Original Sin.

I first visited Original Sin early last year and I was completely blown away by the menu because I can eat every single dish that's stated on it! =) I'm what some people call a pescatarian, which means I'm somewhat of a vegetarian who eats fish (and seafood). As a result, I usually am not able to eat at least some dishes in most restaurants that I go to and that also explains why I've never been to 'meat-ier' restaurants!

Recently, Jeffrey and I popped by Original Sin again after watching his school's drama production for a very late dinner and we were, again, pleased with the food that was served!

The must-order dish whenever we visit Original Sin is the Mezze Plate Starter ($20) which consists of warm pita bread, fried vegetable 'nuggets' and different dips such as hummus (my favourite!) and pumpkin! I really like this platter and can probably polish the entire dish off as a main course! Even Jeffrey, who's not a very mediterranean-foodie, liked this so I guess it is pretty palatable!

That night, I chose to have the lagsana ($24), which filled me up very well! The portion may not look like much at first but the generous servings of cheese and mushrooms in the lagsana made the dish very filling! This dish is great for a hungry person like me but I would suggest sharing this with another person if you are not someone who can stomach a lot of cheese/ pasta!

Jeffrey ordered the sicilian pizza ($22), which was surprisingly flavourful even though there was no meat on it! We also thought that it was a good idea to sprinkle some vegetables on the pizza for more colour (and also to provide some fibre!).

We were very satisfied with our late dinner/ supper and we will definitely return for more vegetarian food! (: It's advisable to make a reservation if you are intending to visit Original Sin during dinner time, especially on weekends, because it can get slightly crowded. So far, we've always managed to get a table indoors, which is good because it's much cooler. I hope to continue visiting Original Sin from time to time to try new dishes! =)

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good rest-of-the-week!

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