Saturday, November 6

La Villa


How's your long weekend coming along? Mine's been pretty good so far though I must admit that I've been experiencing moments of deja-vu, which can be quite unnerving but other than that, life's quite good (: One thing that I hope for is for my mind to take a break when I'm sleeping because I keep having tiring dreams of late! Am slightly annoyed by it because I wake up feeling as if I hadn't had a proper rest. Brr. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight, especially since the weather's cool and nice!

Today, I'll share my experience at La Villa, an Italian restaurant situated along River Valley Road, which Jeffrey and I went to not too long ago.

La Villa is situated at the corner of a building but it isn't entirely unnoticeable because it occupies a rather large area and there is a big balloon with the words "La Villa" outside the restaurant to let people know where to find the restaurant.

One thing that I really like about La Villa is its family-friendly setting. Not only did the interior of La Villa feel homely, the outdoor play area for kids definitely helped to transform the seemingly run-of-the-mill restaurant into a unique, dine-and-play restaurant! There was a small bouncy-pen that kids can jump on as well as electric mobile vehicles that kids can ride on! Cool! (: I think I'd want to go back to La Villa at night in future so that I can dine al fresco in their outdoor area next to their garden of fun!

A basket containing an assortment of bread and pitas was served almost immediately after we were seated. Jeffrey loved the pitas while I liked the plain, warm bread roll.

For starters, we ordered an antipasto platter ($24) to share. I'm starting to realise that I am quite fond of appetizer/ starter platters because there's usually a spread of food with contrasting flavours to satisfy the curious tastebuds! As you can see from the picture, this antipasto platter will probably sit very well with meat lovers so if you are interested in sampling different types of meat, this is the platter to order!

For my mains, I chose to have the cod fish with asparagus ($28), which is something different for me since I usually go for the signature pasta/ pizza dishes whenever I dine at Italian restaurants. This proved to be an excellent move because the cod fish was done to perfection! I loved how soft and juicy the cod fish tasted and I especially liked the freshness of the entire dish! Would definitely order this again when I go back!

Jeffrey chose to have hawaiian pizza ($22), which was pretty average so there isn't anything to rave about. Their pizzas have thin crusts so I think it's possible for one person to finish the entire pizza on his/ her own. But of course if you're not big eaters like us, then you'd probably want to share your pizza with your dining companion.

To end off our meal, we shared a Tortino ($15), which is essentially chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla icecream. As with all chocolate lava cakes, this also took 20minutes to be served. While the dessert was good, I didn't think it was out of this world. Perhaps I would have felt slightly more contented if the portion were a teeny bit larger but objectively speaking, it was above average.

La Villa is the perfect place for family gatherings or chill-out meals with friends (: I would certainly love to visit it again in the near future.

Have a good Sunday everyone! (:

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