Sunday, November 14

House of Sundanese Restaurant


The weekend went by faster than usual this week but I'd a good time while it lasted (: I need to get completely well asap so that I can go for my medical check up and immunization jabs and what not before going away for my first ever overseas CIP trip in early December! While I'm pretty excited about it, a little part of me can't help but worry when I try to imagine what the living conditions would be like. Whatever it is, I'll go there with an open mind and make the best out of the trip!

Anyhow, this post is kind of special because instead of posting photos that were taken using Jeffrey's trusty Nikkon camera, I'll be posting photos that were taken using his new handphone - the Palm Pre Plus. It's actually an old model that was released last year in the USA but never made it to Singapore. He had wanted to wait for it to come to Singapore but his current handphone started to become cranky so he had no choice but to buy one off ebay. From what I've observed so far, he's very pleased with his new gadget so that's good news (:

Sometime last week, a few days after Jeffrey received his new handphone in the mail, we went for an impromptu lunch date at a restaurant that we've never been to before - House of Sundanese. It was one of those days when Jeffrey was in a more experimental mood so he was game to try Indonesian food although I warned him that it can be slightly spicy.

Upon arrival, we were served with these plain tasting crackers and a little dish of chilli padi mixed with sweet sauce ($3). The plain crackers were a hit with Jeffrey! I prefer to dip them in a bit of sauce to give them some flavour though.

We looked through the menu and tried to order dishes that don't sound/ look too spicy since we are not sure whether we can take Indonesian-spiciness.

Each table had a little rice basket ($3.80). I think the given portion is just nice for two people but if you're feeling hungrier, you can always ask for more rice.

First dish was spring rolls ($4.80). Someone once said that you can never go wrong with fried stuff and it seems quite right! =) These spring rolls had more filling that the normal spring rolls so I reckon they're worth a try (:

When the waitress found out that we wanted to order fried chicken, she immediately recommended their signature BBQ Chicken ($5.80) instead because she said that we've ordered too many fried items! Jeffrey liked the chicken so I guess her recommendation was pretty sound (:

Our mandatory vegetable dish was sambal kangkong ($5.90), which had a unique taste because this dish was cooked using soy-base and that explains why it isn't as spicy as normal sambal kangkong dishes. This dish is ideal for beginning chilli eaters and for people who like sambal kangkong but cannot really handle the spiciness!

My favourite dish that day was the tahu telor ($6.80). It's basically tofu covered with egg and flour batter and fried till its exterior is golden and crispy! In my opinion, the sweet sauce and vegetable condiments that come with the tofu are as important as the fried tofu itself because they decide the flavour of the dish! I was pleased with House of Sundanese's version of tahu telor and I'll probably order this again the next time I visit.

Oh yes please believe them when they advise you not to order soft drinks in this restaurant becuase it's a complete rip-off! We ordered three glasses of drinks because we were particulary thirsty that day and here is the breakdown of costs: mixed barley and lime juice ($2.80), orange juice ($3.80) and coke ($3.80). I honestly didn't expect them to charge so much for coke! =( Stick to their mixed concotions or fresh fruit juices - they're more worth it anyway (:

On the whole, we liked the food we ate that day but we couldn't help but feel that the entire meal was slightly overpriced. Nevertheless, it was a good experience having Indonesian food together for the first time! We shall continue to work on our chilli-tolerance so that we can expand the range of food that we can eat in future!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good week ahead!

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