Tuesday, November 2

Greenwood Fish Market

Hello (:

Since this week's a four-day week, I reckon it's time to post my usual mid-week blog entry! =) I think I've reviewed this particular restaurant before but it doesn't harm to revisit good restaurants and try out new dishes!

A few weeks ago, my family and I trooped down to Greenwood Fish Market for dinner! We were given an "outdoor table", which was fine with me but the rest of my dining companions complained that it was too warm halfway through the meal! I would highly recommend that you opt for indoor seating if possible because there are limited fans outdoors and you'll most probably feel very warm after a while.

Thankfully, the food that we ordered that night was pretty good so that helped to lift our moods a little and it made sitting outdoors slightly more bearable (:

If you don't know what to order at Greenwood Fish Market, their House Fish & Chips ($18.95) is always a safe option (: I absolutely love their fat straightcut fries! Their battered fish fillet was also slightly above average and Gumtoo ate it without much complaints.

If you want something light, then perhaps you can go for the spaghetti aglio olio ($16.95), which was perfectly done - not too spicy, not too bland. My sisters appeared to like it a lot because they finished this dish quite quickly!

Alternatively, you may also want to try the spaghetti vongole ($20.95), which had a very palatable and light sauce. It's a dish that you can probably finish on your own since you probably won't get sick of the sauce. Clam lovers will also like the fact that this dish comes with a generous serving of clams!

Next comes the highlight of our dinner: hot seafood platter ($89) for sharing! To be honest we didn't expect the seafood platter to be so big but we received it with glee (: Because the plate was simply too long, we couldn't take a photo of the entitre seafood platter (without standing up) so we split it up into three shots:

There were two fish and vegetable skewers, oysters, lobster, crab...

Squid on greens, clams with nice vongole sauce, buttered king prawns...

Fried calamari and baby scallops in chilli sauce.

I really liked the range of seafood on this seafood platter and I felt that it was worth its relatively hefty-looking price tag! This platter is excellent for sharing and seafood lovers will probably bond well over this splendid spread of food!

Although I was pretty impressed with the quality of seafood/ main dishes served at Greenwood Fish Market, I've to say that their desserts left much to be desired.

Their warm apple crumble ($8.95) was neither warm nor was it crumbly. In fact, it was so hard that chunks of the crust fell off upon cutting! The apple slices weren't particularly nice as well =( In fact, the 'best' thing about this dessert was probably its mediocre scoop of vanilla icecream.

The same can be said for their brownie with icecream ($8.95). My sister gave up eating this rock-of-a-brownie halfway because it was simpy too hard! I felt quite sorry for her because it was painful seeing her struggle to eat her dessert... desserts are meant to be enjoyed! =(

On the whole, I think Greenwood Fish Market is a slightly more expensive alternative to other western restaurants serving seafood like Fish & Co and Manhattan Fish Market but the higher prices are somewhat justified by its apparent authenticity/ less run-of-the-mill type of dishes. Nevertheless, I wish that the quality of their desserts will improve so that I can enjoy a meal complete with my favourite course (desserts!) without having second thoughts about whether I should take the risk in ordering it.

Okay that's all for now! (: Time for bed! Goodnight!

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