Thursday, September 1

Happy Teachers' Day! (:

Starting from this year, Teachers' Day will be celebrated on the last Friday before September holidays and no longer on 1st September (except when there's a coincidence) so that means that students and teachers get tomorrow off because of Teachers' Day! (:

Most schools would have celebrated Teachers' Day this morning and the celebration at my school was short, simple and enjoyable (: This is one of the rare days when kids all over Singapore bear greetings/ cards/ gifts and shower their gratitude and appreciation on their teachers in such an open (and sometimes warm) manner (:

I'd like to thank all my kids (you know who you are!) who have made my teaching experience extremely fulfilling. Being able to interact with all of you and being able to learn, share and grow together is really something that I cherish and look forward to each day (: So thank you for all your greetings, notes, presents etc but more importantly, thank you for being who you are and for being in my life (:

Thank you for all that you've given me (: I am deeply touched. Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers! (:

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