Sunday, September 4

Ellenborough Market Cafe

Hello everyone! (:

This weekend feels particularly jolly probably because we know and are comforted by the knowledge that we don't have to go to school like we normally do this coming week! (: This means that we can rest a little more and recharge our batteries in preparation for the final stretch of the academic year!

Since it's the start of the hols, it may be a good idea to head out to Swisshotel Merchant Court with your family and friends for some affordable asian fare! Their weekend lunch buffet is wildly popular with Singaporeans and I suspect it's because it is relatively cheap compared to other weekend buffet brunch/ lunches! It costs $38++/pax and you can choose to pay $5 extra per person for freeflow of soft drinks! (: Absolutely love the freeflow softdrinks offer because I can drink my sprite without feeling bad about having to over-pay for it! (:

Here are some photos of the dishes we tried at Ellenborough:

 Appetizers that came from their cold dish/ salad bar.

Other types of appetizers. Jeffrey and I tend to eat different appetizers because he goes for the 'safer' options whereas I try other things like papaya salad (centre bottom of this photo) which was EXTREMELY spicy so unless you're up for that, please avoid taking it!

 Nasi lemak-type rice with chicken and fish.

 Roti John and Fried Bee Hoon (I don't like bee hoon but this was surprisingly okay!)

More fried bee hoon, fish with sauce, omelette and sashimi (which was very popular with diners though it wasn't the freshest I've tasted)

Possibly the most popular dishes: slipper lobster and crab. We didn't eat much of either because it was troublesome to take the flesh out!

 Plateful of Asian desserts! I personally feel that the kueh lapis and the two swiss-roll lookalike cakes were the best of this lot.

There were MANY different types of warm Chinese desserts available and I helped myself to a big bowl of bobochacha! (: Love the colours!

The much sought after durian pengat which I adore! (: I ate two big bowls of this! (: Yum!

There's also icecream for those who prefer something cold for dessert but the icecream is only average.

Last but not least, fruits for healthier people like Jeffrey! (:

If you are going in a big group, I would recommend that you make a reservation because this restaurant tends to be packed on weekends! Ellenborough is family-friendly so expect a lively and chirpy dining atmosphere instead of one where you can sit down and enjoy the quietness of time passing.

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great Sunday and a good week ahead! (:

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