Saturday, September 17

Pique Nique

Hello everyone! (:

How's your weekend coming along? Mine's alright so far apart from the fact that my neck is STILL aching after a week! =( I thought the ache would go away but the bugging ache is still there so I think we'll go on a pillow hunt tomorrow to get a new pillow that might hopefully cure my neck aches so that my neck won't feel so disjointed to my body!

Anyway, I'd like to blog about Pique Nique (pronounced as 'picnic' if I'm not wrong), the not-so-new restaurant that took over Macdonalds in Takashimaya Shopping Centre!

My good friends and I decided to meet up last week at this new restaurant because all of us have never been to Pique Nique and we were curious to try their food! It definitely helps that this restaurant is highly accessible since it's smacked right in the middle of town so everyone was more than fine with convening at this place! (: The seating capacity is quite small though so if you are going in a big group, I'd suggest going slightly earlier than the usual rush hour to ensure that you get a seat. I think the place is SUPPOSED to look slightly homely yet outdoor-sy at the same time so that everyone can have a piquenique! However, I didn't think that the piquenique feel came that strongly and I felt that the layout of the restaurant could be improved such that the seating capacity at some tables could be slightly more flexible but that's just my opinion!

We loved the look of the menu! (: Pique Nique serves quite a wide spread of western food so you will be spoilt for choice if you are a big fan of western food! (:

 Remember I told you that I am currently on a cappucino craze? This is exactly what I ordered at Pique Nique! Pique Nique's cappucino ($5) is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact it's quite flat if you were to ask me so coffee lovers may wish to give this a miss.

Their classic vanilla milkshake ($8) fared a little better though I still maintain that the best milkshake I've tasted to date is from Once Upon a Milkshake! This milkshake is more milky and less icecreamy than others that I've tasted so it's good for people who feel that milkshake shouldn't taste like melted icecream!

 According to my friend who ordered the hot chocolate ($6.50), Pique Nique's is extremely sweet, so much so that he couldn't finish his drink! =S I didn't try so I'm not sure if it's really that sweet (my tolerance for sweetness is very high) but I'll advise people who have low tolerance for sweetness to stay away from this drink!

 Farmer's Breakfast ($10), or at least that's what I think it's called. One nice thing about Pique Nique is that it serves all day breakfast so people who love having breakfast dishes should pay this place a visit if you are looking for a cheaper and less filling alternative to the nearby Wild Honey!

As usual, I'd the classic eggs benedict ($12) which was so-so. I think the hollandaise sauce isn't particularly nice nor was it flavourful but the eggs and fries helped to enhance this dish so it was generally okay (:

 If you're looking for a warm and filling dish, order the carbonara mac & cheese ($13), which was possibly one of the safest dishes that we had that night! It tastes like ovenbaked mac&cheese with bacon and it was good! (: I love macaroni!

I think this is the cajun dog ($11) and it's basically hotdog bun with fries! This portion is just right for someone with a small appetite!

I completely forgot what this dish is called but I know that it's an omelette dish ($8.50). I think this is suitable for people who are there for a snack or just want something to nibble on because the portion size is abysmal! The toasts and eggs tasted only average but it's safe food to order nevertheless.

 This is the bacon dogg ($9) which, in my opinion, is not worth it at all because it looks like a normal (overpriced) hotdog bun to me! I still think that IKEA serves the most value-for-money hotdog buns and the best thing is that they taste very good (according to family members)!

I didn't mean to save the best for the last but this is a MUST ORDER when you visit Pique Nique - Waffle with Salted Caramel Sauce and Rocky Road Icecream ($10). The waffles were SO well done: crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and the combination of warm salted caramel sauce and cold ice cream REALLY hit the spot! (: All of us LOVED this dish and it made me almost wish that I had ordered it for my main course! I'll definitely go back for more waffles! (: 

Alright that's the end of my post on Pique Nique! I hope that you'll have a great Sunday ahead! (: Goodnight everyone! (:

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