Thursday, September 8

Double Bay

Good morning! (:

The first thing that flit through my mind this morning when I woke up was - oh no, it's Thursday already! =S The hols are definitely flying by way too quickly for my liking! Today's dedicated to catching up with different friends who mean a lot to me so I'm definitely all ears and ready to soak up updates about their lives!

Since it's the hols, I've been in town more often these days and one of the malls that I've frequented a little more than others is Raffles City Mall. I suspect it has something to do with COMEX being held at Suntec City (a stone's throwaway) from Raffles City Mall that drew us to Raffles City Mall (I didn't go to COMEX but Jeffrey caved & went on Sunday!).

Last week, the both of us ate at Double Bay, an Australian cafe that sits outside Raffles City Mall by the main road, facing Raffles Hotel. I never fail to notice how crowded this restaurant is during dinner time and on weekends so I told Jeffrey that we have to give this place a shot!

 It was relatively quiet that weekday afternoon when we went to visit them for an early lunch! I think their doors were opened just minutes before we arrived! I couldn't help but notice that there were already a few reserved tables such as the one photographed above, and that made me feel like I've gained some support for my hypothesis that people enjoy coming to Double Bay for food (: Soon, the lunch crowd started streaming in and both of us were glad that we came earlier and got our food before the mayhem!

 Jeffrey's hot chocolate ($6.90), which was better than expected!

 I'm weathering a cappuccino ($6.90) craze right now! I make it a point to order this drink everywhere I go if it's available because I think I'm trying to find out which places serve good cappuccinos! This one's pretty good and I like that the cup isn't too small! I realise that the size of my drink matters because I feel that I need substantial amount of warmth to feel satisfied! (If you really love big cups of coffee like me, you should try the ones at Robert Timms or order a BIG cup of coffee from McCafe! They're soothing to the soul!)

 My main that day was linguine with crabmeat ($20.90), which was much sweeter than expected (in a good way). I think this dish is perfect for people who prefer a tinge of sweetness on their pasta. The crabmeat chunks were sufficient though I can't help but feel that the crabmeat was a tad tough. Lovely dish for tomato-sauce lovers as well!

Jeffrey went with the pan roast pattie of wagyu ($22.90), which essentially is their version of wagyu sandwich/ burger! He really liked the presentation of his burger and was extremely pleased that there were onion rings tucked under his bread-tops! Again, the pattie tasted above average and I could tell that he enjoyed his dish! The fries were a tad overcooked but I guess their saltiness kind of made up for it (:

In all, I think this is a wonderful place to go to for lunch because it provides enough room and quiet for catching up and having a good meal. It's a pity that we weren't as hungry as we usually are so we gave dessert a miss. Would love to go back there to have another meal as well as to try their desserts!

Alright that's all for now (: Enjoy the rest of the week!

Forever and always, my superheroloverinelectricdreams.

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