Sunday, September 25

Royal China

Hello everyone! (:

I'm feeling pretty happy right now because I have some time before dinner to blog about my recent trip to Royal China! I've been wanting to visit Royal China for a very long time but somehow I never had the chance to do so till September holidays!

My first visit to Royal China was actually a couple of years ago in London! Jeffrey and I were living at Bayswater area where Royal China was located at so we decided to pop in one afternoon for dimsum since we saw that it was perpetually crowded (hence we deduced that the dimsum served there was probably good and we were absolutely right!). I remember paying quite a bit for our dimsum meal in London but because the quality was so fine, we decided that it was worth every pound! This kind of explains why I was so keen on trying the dimsum at the Royal China outlet in Singapore!

As you can see from the photos above, the predominant colours in this restaurant are light (baby?) blue and white. Though my favourite colour is blue, I am not particularly fond of light shades of blue but I guess it's better than other colours.

 Each cup of refillable chrysanthemum tea costs $2 which I think is quite reasonable (:

 Char Siew Pork Puff ($4) - crispy, delicious, and a great starter to the meal!

A bowl of warm fish porridge with crackers ($6.50) to share. It was pretty alright though I felt that it could have done with a tad more sesame-oil flavour? Oh and I wish it had slices of century egg too!

I'm not usually a soup person (except when I visit Soup Spoon)  but the lady waitress convinced me to give their special soup of the day a try and I did. I completely forgot what the soup of the day is called but you can guess by looking at the condiments in the soup above! Each pot of soup costs $14.

Yam and prawn puff with some minced meat ($4.80) - I thought this was average.

Cheung Fun with scallops and charsiew ($4.80). I LOVED the cheung fun with scallops! The sauce was perfect!

2 very skinny spring rolls with some kind of meat inside ($1.60 each). I don't think I've ever seen a dish like this before but it tasted so-so.  

Prawn dumplings aka hargaos ($4.80). I think this is a staple dish at dimsum meals and I was not disappointed by this at all! (: Loved the freshness of the prawns. 

Oooh this is the dish that everyone should try - scallop dumplings ($4.80)! I think all scallop lovers will fall in love with this particular dish - the scallops were soft and fresh and they were absolutely delectable!

Chive dumplings with prawns ($4). I usually stay away from chive dumplings because the taste and smell of chives can get very strong but this was quite well done (: I don't think it was overpowering and I would like to try this again.

Mango eggyolk custard buns ($4) - this is a MUST try too! (: The mango taste was quite subtle but it was definitely present and it gave a little twist to the usual eggyolk custard bun (:

Because we had room for more, we decided to go ahead and order a plate of lobster noodles ($88) and boy were they generous with the lobsters! The dish itself is above average and it satisfied my craving for noodles! I wouldn't recommend ordering this for two mainly because of the sheer portion size but if you are a fan of lobster noodles, you should give this a try (:

When the bill came, I was pretty surprised that our meal wasn't as costly as I had imagined it to be (probably because of the London experience). In fact, the prices for dimsum are comparable to Crystal Jade's and it is no wonder that many people flock to Royal China for dimsum because it is not unaffordable! (: The ambience, service and quality of food are unquestionably good and I will definitely be back for more dimsum in future! 

Alright that's all for now! (: I hope you'd a great weekend! Have a good week ahead!

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