Saturday, January 21

Ding Tai Feng

Hello everyone,
the lunar new year is just around the corner and I thought it's fitting to do a post on some Chinese food which I recently had at Ding Tai Feng.

Jeffrey and I wanted to gather some clues for my brother's birthday game at MBS so we decided to have lunch there as well. Jo recommended Mozza but it was ridiculously packed so we trooped to level 1 to one of the biggest Ding Tai Feng outlets that we've been to so far for lunch.

We managed to get seated almost immediately thanks to the huge seating capacity!
Ravenous, we went ahead to order side dishes in hope that they will appear on our tables without much waiting time:
Their recommended (it's a 'star' item!) vegetarian vegetable starter ($3.80), which we both liked, me more so than him. Felt like we were eating vegetable noodles, which is perfectly fine with me (: Loved it!
This was a sweet dish though it doesn't look it - I think it's tofu skin cubes with honey and mushrooms ($4.80) if I'm not wrong. This dish gave a nice contrast to the previous starter and Jeffrey liked this quite a bit! Guess it's a dish worth trying (:
Stir-fried dou miao veggies ($12). Believe it or not, this dish was the most expensive dish we had that day! I thought vegetables were supposed to be cheap and affordable? But I won't complain because it was one of the freshest and tastiest plate of dou miao I've had! Love the crunchiness of the vegetables and the fact that it wasn't overly flavourful. I'd love to have this again any time!

Of course, no trip to Ding Tai Feng is complete without Xiao Long Baos ($7.30 for 6).
I know this may sound silly but I actually love plain noodes with whatever house sauce that they can concoct ($6.50). My only gripe is that the serving size is quite small so you will have to order other dishes to go along with your noodles if you want to be full after your meal!

Jeffrey decided to go for one of the most sought-after dishes in Taiwan - Beef noodles aka niu rou mian ($11.50). It looked scarily red and spicy (thanks to the layer of oil) but it actually was pretty okay. I drank a little of the soup but I didn't really like it so I don't think this bowl of noodles is for me.

We didn't have desserts at Ding Tai Feng because we didn't want to have Chinese-type desserts so we left after having our fill of yummy Chinese food. Ding Tai Feng doesn't serve the best Chinese food but you can be assured that their standards are not low and that you will at the very least be filled with warm, comforting food.

Alright that's all for now (: Happy Lunar New Year in advance! Have a great long weekend!


  1. I thought you don't eat meat Miss Limmy? Then how come the XLBs? =P

  2. Hello! (:

    The XLBs are for Jeffrey! haha But sometimes I do eat the skin and drink the soup.. and I pass the meat to Jeffrey! He's my meat-eater.. haha!