Saturday, January 28


Hello! (:

The weather's been wonderful today because it's neither too hot nor rainy so it's perfect for outings! Jeffrey, Matty and I went to Jaan to celebrate my birthday just now and the three of us had a great time! (: Will blog about that after I get the photos from Jeffrey so I shall blog about Koryo, a Korean restaurant located at Fusionopolis, which I'm pretty sure my sister(s) will like reading about since they're pretty into Korean food these days!
I first heard about Koryo from a friend and her husband and how they came to know of that place is because her husband works at Fusionopolis. She told me to try the food here because it's affordable and good so one day, the three of us decided to head down to see if the food's really worth the trip!
The interior decor is clean and simple: the walls were decorated with repeated Korean words and they adopted a woody look for their table setting.
Complimentary appetizers (: They tasted average. Compared to the spread at Kim's Family Restaurant, these four dishes may appear pathetic but the quality's really not that bad!
Stew Beef with Steamed Rice ($9.50). The soup was surprisingly sweet and I liked the vermicilli/ glass noodle in it a lot! (: Matty said that the beef went well with the plain rice which came in the typical silver Korean 'bowl' with lid.

Seafood Spring Onion Pancake ($8). Possibly our favourite dish that day because it suited everyone's taste! The thing I liked most about Koryo's pancake is that it is less oily than other Korean pancakes that I've had! Thumbs up for this one!

Bibimbap ($11.50). I can't help but feel obliged to order the most iconic Korean dish (at least to me) whenever I visit any Korean restaurant. I absolutely adore the splash of colours that this dish provides! Its non-spiciness appealed to Jeffrey, who ended up eating most of this dish!

Korean Soup Noodles ($8). I ate most of this dish because I love noodles and because it was overcast that day, I craved for something warm and soupy and was glad that I found this dish! The soup is clear and light and there isn't anything to shout about for this dish but nevertheless, it's a comforting dish to have.

In all, I would recommend Koryo to anyone who likes cheap and good Korean food! (: It definitely lived up to my expectations and I think I'll be back again in the near future!

Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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