Saturday, January 14


Hello everyone!

Orientation and the madness of week 1 is over! (: I'm really thankful that life will resume its normalcy for a while till the SH Orientation comes along. Currently, I'm feeling a little under the weather due to lack of rest so I will try to get well by tomorrow and things should be fine and dandy again.

I know this is kinda late to post about our annual Limmy's NYE 'party' but I'll do it anyway because it's worth a post! My siblings and I tend to have cookouts on National Day, Christmas Day and NYE and that's when head chef, Nette, will cook for all of us! We'll help her out by buying groceries and ingredients that she needs or volunteering to be her kitchen help! I love these cookouts because that's when the 5 of us will plonk ourselves in front of the tv in the living room to watch films or tv series! We've been on a Running Man high the past 1.5 years or so! It's very addictive because it's hilarious! Everyone should check it out (:

For NYE this year, our head chef Nette wasn't free to cook for us so Jeffrey and I decided to drop by the nearby Peperoni at Binjai to order food for our NYE dinner!

One thing I love about Peperoni is that it serves a wide range of dishes and they allow us to pre-order for takeaway!

Our family sized pizza, which was just enough for all of us! We ordered half-haiwaiian and half mushroom and ham because I think these are the two flavours that are popular/ fine with everyone. The crust is thin and the flavours aren't particularly strong so it should be pretty palateable to most. The pizza wasn't fantastic in my opinion but it was sufficient for a meal over Running Man!

We also ordered carbonara to share. I think the linguine tends to clump when you takeaway so it's best to consume it as soon as possible so you don't get clumpy pasta!

Chicken salad. You must toss the chicken slices, vegetables and seasoning well to get a nice serving of tasty salad. However, if you prefer your salad to be bland and natural, skip the sauce (:

Garlic bread - I thought the serving size was pathetic! =( If I had known that one serving of garlic bread was this small, I would have ordered two! Again, I thought that this was only average, nothing to shout about.

Chicken wings. I think this dish was pretty well-received because it cleared pretty quickly! So we will order this again in future if we eat at/ order from Peperoni.

In short, I think Peperoni is definitely a fine alternative to Pizza Hut, which we usually order our pizzas from. I know that there are other pizza places near our place like Domino's as well as Picotin but I guess Peperoni's the most convenient for us to pick up our orders since it's the nearest to our place.

Alright time for bed! Hope that everyone's having a restful weekend! (: Will update this space again soon!

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  1. I'm a new reader and i just read all your food posts since you started this blog! I'm now a fan of your blog so do continue to post about your wonderful food adventures! Cheers, D.