Sunday, January 22


Hello everyone! (:
It's a beautifully sunny Sunday but unfortunately I spent most of it catching up on sleep because I was zonked from my full day outing to town yesterday! It was as if it was Christmas all over again because town was packed with people! Thank to Jeffrey, I managed to get home without much of a hassle (thanks Yendy!).

Anyway, here's a happy post to celebrate this glorious weekend as well as to set us in the right mood for CNY eve and CNY itself! (:

Matty and I made a trip to Loola's not too long ago for a late lunch one Saturday afternoon not too long ago and we were completely floored by the food served there! We had expected the food to be just average but all our dishes surpassed our expectations so we were jolly diners that day! (: We chose to have a cup of cappuccino & macchiato ($5 each), which were warm and comforting. No prizes for guessing which of the two I had! =P Till today, I still feel slightly perplexed at how small a cup of macchiato is whenever it gets served to the table.. someone should start serving double/ triple macchiato!

We shared a cappellini & roe ($15) for our starter and we both agreed that this dish was done to perfection. You could taste every single component of the dish: from the hollandaise sauce to the olive oil to the slight truffle and not to mention the wonderfully explosive and slightly salty salmon roe! It was truly mouthwateringly good!

Matty decided to have the Karubi ($32) which looks like stewed beef with stew sauce/gravy and a lovely dish of wonderfully grilled vegetables! I loved the grilled vegetables! Matty said that the meat was extremely tender and well marinated. Glad that he liked it!

I chose to have mushrooms on toast ($16) and boy was I happy with my choice when my food arrived because there was just SO many big slices of juicy mushrooms on two pieces of bread with extremely crispy edges! This dish completely sated me! (:

For desserts, we shared a lemon meringue custard tart with vanilla bean icecream ($12) and I think this was probably the first lemon meringue tart which didn't have lemon in its base or at least I didn't taste it at all! The tart base seemed to be covered with a thin layer of hardened chocolate and the tart was then filled up with flowy sweet custard and right on top was the meringue layer. I guess Matty's tastebuds are slightly more sensitive than mine cos he said that he tasted lemon but I kept trying to detect it but failed! haha It doesn't really matter I guess - at least the dessert was nice. I would say that it's pretty sweet so if you can't take more-than-average sweetness, I wouldn't suggest that you order this. There're many other nice desserts that you can choose from so you won't be deprived of choices!

Alright that's all for now (: Happy eve of CNY! Enjoy yourselves at your reunion dinners and eat loads! (:

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