Monday, January 16

Selfish Gene Cafe

Hello everyone!

Matty and I went to Selfish Gene Cafe over the weekend to check out the new items on their menu! I think it was a good idea to go for a late lunch because the cafe wasn't jammed pack with people seeking brunch/ lunch and the cafe was filled with soft chatter and laughter from the two tables nearby.

Unlike our previous visit, we didn't order any coffee or tea this time but we did manage to try a brand new (well, at least to us) range of dishes! (:

For starters, we chose to share a bowl of pumpkin soup ($5.80), which turned out to be one of the creamiest bowl of pumpkin soup I've had in my life! (: What I loved most about it is that I could taste the distinct doses of olive oil and cream and the combination is just perfect! Would definitely love to have another bowl of pumpkin soup when I return again.

For my mains, I chose to have the vegetable bruschetta ($10.80), which essentially is a range of nicely grilled/ caramelised vegetables with feta cheese on crispy toast. The entire dish tasted very homemade and that's what I like about it.

Matty had the popular breakfast plate ($15.80), which filled him up rather nicely. I'm starting to wonder whether he and his friends cook scrambled eggs the same way because Matty made scrambled eggs for me once and it tasted like the one served at Selfish Gene's Cafe! The eggs, by the way, were very good!

Finally for dessert, we tried the croissant butter pudding ($6.80), which I guess is a variation of my favourite bread & butter pudding! It was surprisingly small in size but it didn't disappoint! Was thankful that we were quite full already so we weren't put off by the petite serving size.

Like before, I thoroughly enjoyed the food and company but I do need to caution hungry and/ or impatient people who may want to think twice about going to Selfish Gene Cafe: I think the kitchen crew is still pretty new so they may take a while to prepare and serve you your food so some patience is required! Matty and I had to wait 20minutes for our soup to arrive and another 10 minutes after for our mains to come so we pretty much devoured our food when it appeared on our table because we were famished! Other than that, I think this cafe's definitely worth a visit!

Alright that's all! Have a great week ahead! Goodnight! (:

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