Monday, March 19

Brasserie Les Saveurs


It's the night before school reopens and I can already sense the impending busy-ness wheezing into my life! Apart from having to go to school for the first two day of hols, I think the rest of March hols was pretty decent (: I wish I could do nothing during hols and truly relish the freedom and joy of doing nothing but frankly, March hols this year wasn't too bad for me (: Managed to meet up with friends and went out quite a fair bit so I guess I've no right to complain! =P

As a way of kickstarting a week of meet-ups over good food, Matty and I went to Brasserie Les Seveurs at St. Regis for their non-champagne high tea! It costs $56++/pax, which I feel is way overpriced for the portions of food served (more on that later). If you are a champagne fan, you may choose to upgrade your high tea set to the $66++/pax so that you enjoy a flute of champagne!

We were seated next to the window, which was great because there was natural light shining in (: The bad thing about our seat though was that we were 2 tables away from the dance floor, where people actually dance on as part of their high tea experience, which means that the jazz music was also pretty loud! If I ever return to Brasserie Les Saveurs, I will definitely request for a table further away from the stage/ dance floor!

For first-timers to Brasserie Les Saveurs like myself, here are four key things to know about their high tea:
  1. It is NOT a buffet.
  2. It is a '3-course' high tea.
  3. The dishes are extremely rich in flavour (so you may get gelat quite quickly).
  4. The portions are small.

We each chose our tea of the afternoon from a relatively small selection of TWG teas.

Then we were served with our first course:

A three-tiered high tea stand with clotted cream & jam (on the 1st tier), 4 scones - 2 plain, 2 raisin (on the 2nd tier) and 6 mini sandwiches - 2 cucumber, 2 egg, 2 smoked salmon (on the 3rd tier). The scones and sandwiches were pretty good and we wish they were refillable but sadly that is not the case. 

We then had to choose one dish each from a short list of 'mains':
Matty chose to have the foie gras creme brulee, which he commented was way too rich for his liking! It had an interesting taste at the start but the taste gets more overpowering the more you savour it so it wasn't too enjoyable near the end =S Unless you are a huge fan of foie gras, I wouldn't encourage you to order this.

I chose to have the salmon quiche which frankly looked more like a tiny eggtart to me! It had a semi-quiche, semi-eggtart taste and I didn't really enjoy it.

Our third and final course is dessert and both of us were hoping that the desserts would be mindblowingly fantastic so that they can make up for the average starters and mains but unfortunately, the desserts left us wondering why we even wanted to venture to this restaurant for high tea =(

Out of 8 desserts, we could only choose to have 2 each and we strategically chose to have 4 different desserts: some coconut-infused cake, some kind of mousse, chocolate cake and some deconstructed berry thing. Whoops sorry for the lack of proper description but I honestly wasn't sufficiently motivated to commit the names of the different desserts to my memory! Oh welly.

In short, I felt disappointed that the food at Brasserie Les Saveurs was not great partly because I had expected more based on the rave reviews that I have read. Well at least the ambience was pretty nice and we had a good chat so not all is lost! (:

Alright that's all for tonight (: Time for bed! Goodnight!


  1. Miss Limmy, is Matty the new person in your life? (:(:(:(:(:(: