Sunday, March 11

The Courtyard


I've been trying out a new routine which involves having a heavy breakfast/ brunch so that I can go for Saturday high-tea and I must say that I'm starting to like it! (: Rather than fuss about with the Saturday lunch crowd, it feels better to just eat at home in the late morning and enjoy a sumptuous round of high tea with people who matter (: The high tea crowd tends to be less boisterous so we don't have to shout to hear what each other has to say and I also feel that the pace is much slower and hence we tend to feel more relaxed (:

A couple of weeks ago, Matty and I decided to visit The Courtyard at the Fullerton Hotel because it serves English high tea! (: I've always preferred English high tea to other types of high tea and have been on a lookout for good English high tea places. So far, the only two good English high tea places that I would strongly recommend would be Goodwood Park's L'espresso and Regent Hotel's Tea Lounge! The former serves buffet-style high tea whereas the latter serves a three-tiered (refillable) high tea tray with other buffet-style dishes at the display area.

The Courtyard's high tea serving is more like Tea Lounge's - it's refillable but non-buffet style, which sounds quite contradicting because if it's refillable, isn't it somewhat 'buffet-style'? I guess the only difference is that with non-buffet style, you have a much limited selection to choose from but if the selection is good and suits your fancy, you don't lose out a lot in that sense (:
The afternoon high tea at The Courtyard costs $42++/pax and it comes with unlimited flow of coffee/ tea and refillable finger food (:
I chose to have the English breakfast whereas Matty chose to have some exotic tea blend as well as a cup of cappuccino. The cappuccino was surprisingly good so do give it a try! (:

After waiting for quite a long while, we finally got our three-tiered tea set! (: (: (:

The top and bottom layers were laid with sweet stuff whereas all the savoury goodness were in the middle tier.

In general, we felt that their savoury dishes were MUCH better compared to their sweet cakes/ pastries because we had many many more rounds of savoury food compared to desserts, which is quite unusual for a dessert monster like myself!

Of course, no high tea would be complete without scones with clotted cream and jam! (: We were served two types of scones: plain and raisin and I generally have no preference as both tasted fine. I seldom notice jam paste but this one caught my attention due to its gellatinous body! It felt as if I was eating melted jelly or something! haha Despite its weird texture, it tasted alright with the scones so I was happy (:

At the end of 2hours, I was ready to throw in the towel to call it quits! Except that I had to have my sprite fix but there wasn't sprite so I ordered the most expensive glass of pepsi ($12) I've ever had in my life! It was so pricey that I felt bad about it for the entire day so I didn't sprite for my next meal =S haha Okay lesson learnt: do NOT order soft drinks at The Courtyard! =P

Alright that's all for now! I hope that your weekend went well (: Absolutely loved mine!

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