Friday, March 2

The Marmalade Pantry @Stables

Hello! (:

About a week ago, my family decided to make a trip to the relatively new Marmalade Pantry outlet at Fairways Drive for one of my sister's farewell dinner! (: I suggested the Marmalade Pantry not only because its fit her only criterion of not being Korean food, it also has pretty decent Western food and superb desserts!

We made a reservation for dinner on Saturday because we had expected the restaurant to be fully packed but surprisingly it was not so. There were still a few empty tables around the lowly lit restaurant. I am guessing that people may not really want to go out of their way to eat at The Marmalade Pantry @Stables because there really isn't much to do before/ after your meal. Not to mention it is quite inaccessible if you don't drive! Anyhow, we were thankful to have gotten a nice table at the corner of the restaurant so that we could eat and chitchat.

Before you go on reading, I must first forewarn you that the photo quality this time round is quite bad due to the low lighting so please pardon the photos!

 For drinks, we tried Iced Chocolate ($9) which was average as well as

a cup of cappuccino ($6.50), which was delightful to have on a cool evening!

We shared a generous plate of crab caesar salad ($22) which my friends highly recommend every time Marmalade Pantry is mentioned for starters and we found it pretty palateable (: I think adding crab meat to caesar salad is something quite different and it gives the salad more 'bite'.

Our mains were generally good but there was no outstandingly spectacular dish that night. Here are the dishes which we ordered:

Oriental Grilled King Salmon with Soba ($26) - this is a fusion dish which was pretty okay if you eat the two items on the plate separately. I think  warmer carbo-dish might be a better complement.

Truffle Field Mushroom Risotto ($22) - THIS is comfort food (: If you want something warm and hearty, you should definitely order this dish and it will cheer you and your tummy up right away! The risotto is fragrant and the mushrooms are extremely succulent! Love it!

Carbonara ($24) - Marmalade Pantry is of the rare places that serves Carbonara with poached egg! I don't think I would like this dish very much because I don't like runny yolk (but I make an exception for eggs benedict! ha!). But two people ordered this and they both finished their pasta so I guess it was good! (:

Another great dish for someone who's very hungry - Roast Vegetables Strozzapreti ($22) - which actually is a type of hard pasta/ macaroni with asparagus, broccoli and pumpkin cubes! I loved it!

Finally, we had the Basque Chicken with Brown Rice ($26), which was slightly above average.
Thankfully, none of us were too full to skip dessert so we ordered three to share! (: It was probably the best three dishes we chose that night because the desserts alone were worth the trip into Fairways Drive! (:

We had the Granny Smith and Stem Ginger Pudding ($13), which was okay. I was expecting the ginger taste to be much stronger but I guess I wouldn't be able to eat much of it if the ginger taste were too strong so it is just as well that it was only lightly flavoured (:

The Chocolate Nemesis ($14) won hands down! It is possibly one of the densest and msot chocolatey cake that we've tried! We loved it and we will definitely order this again when we get back! (:

Lastly, we had a slice of sea salt caramel cheesecake ($8), which was also greatly appreciated by all around the table! The saltiness definitely added an oomph to the entire cake! I think this is one of my preferred cheesecakes as well.

In all, we had a great meal at The Marmalade Pantry @Stables and we will definitely go back there again in the near future!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great weekend everyone!

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