Monday, March 5


Hello everyone! (:

It has been a pretty chilly day thanks to the heavy showers which lasted a few hours this morning! Lunch with friends was nice today because we were reminiscing about our lecturers during uni days! haha It was fun (: Can't wait till Thursday!

Anyhow, if you are in town, do drop by the spanking new building called Scotts Square and check out Delicious! (: I first knew about it from Mrs Tan, who kindly bought cakes from Delicious for my family. The cakes were very good so I told myself that I must head down to the restaurant/ cafe to try their mains and I am glad I got the chance to do so not too long ago! (:

I think the interior decoration and general layout of Delicious is more than pleasant - it gives a pseudo-garden-at-home feel and the tables are well placed so you won't feel that it is too cramped. I especially love the colour combination (predominantly blue and brown) because they go so beautifully together!

SInce it was our first time there, we decided to have a spread so we ordered one starter, one side, one main dish, one dessert and one beverage so that we could cover the different courses! Here are some photos of what we had that day:

Thai Beef Salad ($12) - extremely refreshing, vegetables were fresh and crunchy, the sauce tasted very authentic-thai and there were huge chunks of beef! Definitely a great start to any meal! Beef and veggie lovers can consider this as a main course as the serving portion is quite big!

Shoestring Fries ($7) - Not the best fries I've had but good enough to satisfy my craving ! (: I think I'm a fries addict but I just try not to eat too much fries because the trouble with fries is that they make my tummy queasy after eating! So yes I shall eat in moderation (:

Cheese Burger ($15) - a very hearty and filling dish! Apparently the patty is not the processed type because the beef seems 'loose' so I guess they might have made it on their own? The salad and (more!) fries were good too! Definitely a good dish to have especially when you are hungry!

While waiting for our dishes to arrive, we also had a cup of cappuccino ($7) each. Initially, I thought that $7 for a cup of coffee was pretty pricey but the quality of coffee was average/ slightly above average and there was more volume compared to other normal cafe cups so I guess the price is about right.

Last but not least, here are two photos of my lovely bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce! (: The bread and butter pudding was denser than usual and this means that you will get full faster! Since I'm a dessert monster and not-so-secret bread&butter pudding fan, this dish was pretty alright for me but I wouldn't urge you to order this if you don't like bread or if you have a small appetite.

On the whole, I liked the dishes that we ordered and I would like to go back to Delicious again in the near future to try other dishes! (: Hope that your Monday went well and that you will have a great week ahead! (:

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