Saturday, March 10

Pizzeria Mozza

Hello everyone! (:

The March Holidays are finally here! (: Time to catch up on sleep. meet up with friends and get ready for the madness that is term 2!

Just last week, my best friend Jo and I went to Pizzeria Mozza for dinner! This meet-up was long overdue as we have been too swamped to meet each other since the start of the year! We chose Pizzeria Mozza because I've been hearing good reviews about it (including Jo's) and I have personally not been there so we thought, why not?

Pizzeria Mozza was completely packed on a Friday evening so making reservations is a must. Jo actually called one month in advance to book a table for us! haha Talk about being kiasu! But that ensured that we got a table in a very noisy and crowded restaurant so I guess calling early does help!

Here are some of the dishes we had that day! All photos are taken by Jo using Jo's iPhone:

Their famous tricolore salad ($17) which had those amazingly crunchy purple vege that we haven't tasted anywhere else before! The salad was cheesier than I had expected - thanks to the powdered mozzarella - but other than that, it was a perfect start to our meal! (: Everyone should try this!

Because Jo said that their pizzas were not huge, we decided to order TWO pizzas instead of one and another dish and that turned out to be a mistake because though their pizzas were not humongous, there were filling so we couldn't finish both pizzas! Next time, I will know to order only ONE pizza and another side/ small main dish so that we won't feel bad wasting so much food! The two pizzas that we had were

The Guanciale Pizza ($25) - which is bacon and spinach pizza with a sunshine egg in the middle

and the Funghi Pizza ($30), which was overladen with mushrooms and was incredibly salty!

I think bacon lovers would like the Guanciale Pizza because there were bacon bits sprinkled all over the top! The egg was a nice touch because partly because it brought back memories of the kinds of pizza we had overseas in Paris and London! Although I enjoyed the Funghi Pizza tremendously, I do also think that it is way too salty for the average individual and unless you have very high tolerance for salty food, I wouldn't encourage you to order it! This dish left me so thirsty that I'd to order an additional glass of sprite ($6) on top of my refreshing Acqua Limonata ($10) and Jo's Pineapple Soda ($8)! (sorry we forgot to take photos of our drinks) 

Last but not least, we had the Budino ($16) for dessert! (: It's pudding a layer of seasalt caramel and a huge dollop of cream on top! I truly am a sucker for seasalt caramel so this dessert hit the spot for me! (:

Alright that is all for today! Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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