Monday, September 24

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck


We went to Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck to have their highly recommended Soup Rice with Crabmeat, which I had with my best friend during the Sept hols, and it didn't disappoint! I think this dish is definitely a fine alternative to Crystal Jade's porrdige if you want something very comforting, especially when you are ill or when the weather's cold.

We made a reservation just an hour before lunch time on a Sunday and thankfully, they'd 2 seats at the bar left for us so we gladly agreed to take them! We were served caramelised cashew nuts ($3) while waiting for our food.

I had forgotten that they serve dimsum during lunch and since our sole purpose of going to this restaurant was to have the soup rice with crab meat, we didn't want to ruin our appetite by ordering dimsum. However, we made an exception for har gao aka prawn dumplings ($5) because we both love it! The har gaos were only so-so.

Somehow, we decided to try the double-boiled egg custard and red bean dessert ($4), which turned out to be quite a surprise because we had never eaten red bean paste with custard! It was actually pretty nice so we were glad we gave it a shot despite not knowing what it was! We'll try other desserts in future should we go back!

Their yummy soup rice with crabmeat ($48) - this was supposed to serve FOUR but since we were having it as a main course, we decided that this would be more than sufficient to feed both of us and we were right! We love the light warm broth and slight crabby fragrance. The rice krispies crackled the moment they hit the soup and it kind of added to the overall sensory experience!

In all, we enjoyed the dishes that we ordered, especially the soup rice with crabmeat, and we will go back for more of such hearty dishes!

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