Saturday, September 29



We finally had one alfresco dining experience together! I'm not too keen to dine outdoors in Sg because I always feel that it's uncomfortable, especially for people who perspire very easily. Though I don't perspire easily, I feel uncomfortable seeing that they're so warm! =S Although my friends tell me that they're fine with perspiring and what not, I just cannot help but feel very uncomfortable when I see them perspire so for that reason, I seldom dine outdoors.

I guess that's why our trip to Brotzeit on a Saturday night was quite a new experience for me because I think it's one of the rare times I got to eat outdoors. We got ourselves a table outside of Brotzeit and though it was absolutely packed, it wasn't warm or stuffy at all! Maybe it's because we were sitting nearer the entrance/ pavement where there's more ventillation but whatever it is, I was very happy with our table! (:

One thing that I've learnt about Brotzeit from my few trips there is that their servings tend to be generous! Not Chili's generous but generous enough! This tall and big glass of iced cappuccino ($6.50) was easily enough for both of us! Thankfully they provided sugar syrup so we could make our drink slightly sweeter if we wanted to.

We started with a bowl of Onion Soup ($9.50), which was one of the best onion soups that I've drunk! I rarely drink onion soup because my impression of it isn't too good but this was pretty perfect(: The dry rye bread complemented this perfectly too.

Our shared mains because we weren't too hungry that night - Nurnberger ($17.50). I like that they allowed us to choose our own sidedishes! Their mashed potato is fabulous! You should order it if you're a mashed potato fan! We chose their 'pasta-like' side for our other side dish and I liked it quite a bit though it was pretty tasteless! haha I guess I really am a carbo-laoder!

Part of the reason why we didn't want to get another main was because we wanted to save our tummy for this ultra filling dessert - shredded fluffy raisin pancakes with rum and raisin sauce ($12.50)! (: Honestly this could have been better served warm but the pancakes were just SO fluffy! haha It wasn't the soft kind of fluffy but I liked it! We managed to finish all of it and were stuffed to the brim after that!

I truly enjoyed the entire outdoor dining experience (: With great food and great company, what more can one ask for! Life always seems better when there's good food (:

Have a blast this weekend!

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