Thursday, September 6

Jiang Nan Chun


Jo and I went to Jiang Nan Chun over the weekend for some yummy dimsum! (: We reserved a table for 2 for the 1.30pm seating and we arrived early (at around 1.10pm) so I was pretty worried that we'd to wait for 20mins for our table but thankfully, the people at Jiang Nan Chun were very accommodating and they tried to set our table up as quickly as possible so we only had to wait for about 5mins or so! (:

The restaurant is not particularly big and it dose have a cosy feel to it. What I like was that the tables were not particularly close to each other so we could have our own privacy when talking to each other.

Since their ala carte dim sum menu's the same as their weekend buffet brunch menu, we decided to go for their Oriental Weekend Brunch, which came up to about $69 per pax after service charge and GST. This is my second time having an ala carte style dimsum buffet and I think it's quite a good change from the usual western/ international buffets.

Frankly, I would have preferred having a bigger table because we had to eat quite quickly at the start so that we could make space for new dishes that were coming onto our table! But after the first wave of dimsum, we managed the rest of the dishes quite well with the spacing out of our additional orders.

Okay here are the photos of some of the dishes that we had that day (we got a tad too lazy towards the end of our meal). Pardon me if I can't remember what some of the dishes are or if I mis-name the dishes:

One of three recommended soups: fish maw soup. It was warm and comforting, not too sticky and not too generous with the maw either. Jo later ordered another bowl of black chicken soup which we didn't photograph.

Some spicy meaty dimsum which Jo said was good!
As you can see, the dimsum dishes came fast and furious onto our tables so we didn't have time to take individual shots; an aerial shot would do. From top left to right (in clockwise direction): prawn & vegetable dumplings, scallop and prawn dumpings, fried mango prawn fritters, har gao (steamed prawn). They were all very good but the fried mango prawn fritters were a notch above the rest.

Fried peking duck skin wraped with thin crepe. I absolutely love this (even though I remove the best part of the dish - the peking duck skin - before eating the rest! haha

Cubes of roasted pork.

The next 3 dishes are my absolute favourite because they were so decadently juicy - the three fish dishes that were recommended by the waitress who served us! Sorry I forgot the names but you can ask the waitresses/ waiters for their recommendation and they're likely to ask you to order these 3 fish dishes:

A lonely siew mai for Jo which she said was okay. Oh at Jiang Nan Chun, you can tell them specifically how many pieces of a particular dish you would like and they'll serve it right up! This prevents food wastage and you can also satisfy your immense craving for a particular dish if you like/ want!

Dried scallops porridge which was yum! I still prefer Crystal Jade's porridge but this was good too!

Another of their famous dishes - wasabi prawns! Definitely ranked up there with the fried mango fritters so you should order this if you were to go to Jiang Nan Chun one day.

One of our 'staple' dishes when we go out together: asparagus with scallops. We love this dish!

And because I'm a tofu fan, I'd to get this spinach mushroom tofu dish which tasted like something I had at Man Fu Yuan at Intercontinental Hotel. Yummy (:

Perhaps the most disappointing part of their menu is that they don't serve (salted egg) custard buns! =( It's one of the most iconic dim sum dishes! Ah well. Jo had to settle for their char siew bun which was not too bad (:

The dessert menu's pretty extensive and we were happy to share:

 egg tarts - they were average,

jelly with aloe vera cubes - I liked it more than Jo because I finished my bowl whereas hers was half-full before we left

a sinfully good avocado dessert (which tasted like avocado milk shake) and mango pudding (one of the better ones that both of us have tasted thus far).

Needless to say, we were stuffed to the brim and had to take a 1h walk about town to digest our food thereafter. Nevertheless, it was a pleasurable experience and I am thankful that I'd her to kick start my Sept hols with! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Happy Thursday!

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