Sunday, September 2



The long-awaited September break is finally here! (: I couldn't be happier for this break because I think I can finally give my body the much-needed rest! I've been hacking for way too long and I am hoping that whatever that's been plaguing my body will go away by this coming Tuesday or I'll really have to consult a doctor!

In any case, I met up with my best friend this afternoon for some great dimsum (will blog about that some time soon) and we walked past Oriole, which reminded me that I still have photos from a recent visit so I decided to do a post tonight!

We had been wanting to go to Oriole for brunch and we were mighty pleased when we finally got ourselves a table on a weekend afternoon without making a prior reservation! Poof!

I never fail to be enchanted by their ceiling lights so I end up taking photos of them every time I go to Oriole! Admittedly, they look prettier at night though (:

The famous citrus sin ($6), which Matty never fails to order when he goes to Oriole! I think the orange twang makes the coffee unique and extremely drinkable! =) Would definitely order this if I were in a coffee mood!

I chose to have the hot mint chocolate ($6) that day which was pretty mild but still fragrant. Would have preferred it if it were slightly warmer because this was just lukewarm. Somehow I think I like my hot drinks to be HOT and not warm because they'll eventually become warm after some time so if I were to get the drink when it is lukewarm, then it'll turn cold much sooner!

Their fish & chips ($18) was more like fish & wedges because they replaced fries with well-seasoned wedges! (: Though the serving may look small here, trust us when we say that it's actually filling! (: Definitely good for sharing if you are ordering another dish because too much oily food can make you feel quite sick after a while.

I had the risotto with asparagus and prawns ($25) which was nothing short of heavenly because the stock was thick and tasty! If you like huge succulent prawns, this is the dish for you! I like that there were shoots of asparagus (possibly one of my favourite vegetables!) mixed in the risotto as well! (: Would have this again any day!

I think I should learn to cook risotto (and hopefully learn to cook it well in time) because I realised that I tend to order it quite a bit! I think my sister tried cooking it a few times in the past and I remember a lot of stirring and mixing! =S Guess it's a rather troublesome dish to cook, unlike porridge, though I would have guessed that they were cousins or something.

Alright that's all for today! Will update more again if possible! Happy holidays (:


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