Tuesday, September 11

Little Diner


The first day back at school is always, as a friend puts it, a rude shock to the system but thankfully the laughter and cooperation from all made the day go by pretty smoothly (:

This new cafe sprung up not too long ago and I think it's gaining a bit of popularity because of its strategic location as well as its simple yet eyecatching restaurant front.

The grey on the outside of the restaurant definitely is an appetizer for what's to come on the inside - more greyness! The walls are furnished with rough, fan-like cement strokes and the ground is left untiled so you're literally surrounded by greyness (didn't check the ceiling that day!). The tables and chairs are pretty well-spaced apart so it isn't too cramped.

As always, simple table decorations make the entire setting seems more welcoming. I especially like the white flowers against the dark wooden table (:

Interesting glasses of tap water! We were expecting the normal looking glasses but were pleasantly surprised to see these honey-jar-lookalikes for glasses! Hope that this means that they're actually items that have been reused?

I was still having a cough (but I am 100% okay now! woot!) when I visited Little Diner so I ordered a warm drink for myself. This cup of Chai Latte ($5.60) made my day! I think it's possibly one of the best chai latte we can get around in this area! The next time I order this though, I'd request for the Chai Latte to be slightly warmer because this cooled down to room temperature rather quickly.

Their weekday lunch menu is pretty limited in my opinion and I chose to have the fish & chips($18.50), which was a hit and miss at the same time. The fish was pretty tasty - the fish meat was tender and the deep fried batter gave it some texture and contrast but the fries were soft, almost soggy and cold =( I was not pleased with them! Hopefully they'll do something to their fries in the near future or I'll never want to eat them again.

My lunch companion ordered the mac & cheese ($14) which turned out to be one of the cheesiest dishes we both have had in a long while! I highly doubt anyone can finish this on his/ her own unless you're an ultimate cheese fan so I'd recommend that two people share this as a side/ main dish. We actually traded our dishes halfway through the meal so that we won't get too sick of our food.

I'd like to go back during the weekend to try their weekend brunch dishes and I am hoping that the brunch dishes would score better than their weekday lunch food!

Alright that's all for now.. it's time for bed! Goodnight! (:

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