Monday, September 17

Real Food


In a bid to keep awake after my post-lunch sleepiness set in, I shall blog about Real Food!

It is possibly my best friend's favourite cafe because she never fails to sound excited about it when she goes there for her meals and her mood always perks up after eating there!

If you're somewhat health consicous or love organic food, Real Food is THE place for you! I've only been there once at the recommendation of my best friend and I must say that their food really tastes much healthier than the other regular fare you get outside!

The outlet at Killiney road is big and spacious - which is perfect for people like me who feel easily claustrophobic. There're books and magazines for browsing and there even is a wing at the corner dedicated to selling organic food products! (: We snapped this photo because we both love the versatile elephant stool/ table!

Okay this is here I must confess that we threw away the receipt so we have no idea how much these cost but nevertheless they serve as good memory pieces hence this entry!

Possibly the healthiest pot of floral tea that we both tried! The tiny tea cup (not reflected in this close-up shot) reminded me of traditional tea drinking culture! The tea has a really raw and unpolished taste, it almost tasted like we were drinking grass water! haha but it's terrifically healthy and those who like this taste should try it!

Because I was fighting my long bout of illness then, I had the carrot and orange juice which tasted pretty normal.

The famous pesto pasta that my best friend raves about! It really is quite good - not too salty, not too oily yet retaining quite a strong pesto flavour! (: Thumbs up for this!

The healthiest breakfast set we've had too! Apparently the rest of the items tasted pretty normal but the egg was exceptionally fresh!

Real Food doesn't serve desserts, which is a waste because we were both craving desserts! We did, however, get a avocado and coconut smoothie (which tasted like ice-blended chendol) to go so I guess that made up for it.

I would suggest ordering 3 mains or 2 mains and some sides to share as the portions are not entirely filling, especially not if you have a big appetite or are as famished as we were.

Alright that's all for now! Am sufficiently perked up so will go back to doing my work (: Have a great week ahead!