Friday, September 14



I'm thankful that it's finally Friday though this week wasn't terribly hectic but nevertheless, to have some time to oneself over the weekend is a treat that I will not take for granted!

Last weekend, we took the chance to revisit Relish, which is one of the restaurants that serves consistently good food so it's always safe to dine there.

We managed to get a table at the corner, which is perfect because we could have some privacy and it wasn't too noisy nor too cold! We really like the tall ceilings and the natural brightness of the place in the day.

This cutlery holder has been there since my first visit to Relish a long time ago and I'm glad that they still are using it. Always had the impression that wood products will not last long but I might be wrong. I think the clean lines and the simple overall look and homely feel of the place really works for me.

It was the first weekend that I had fully stopped coughing (woot!) so I gave myself a treat - madarin soda ($4.80), which was lovely as it wasn't too sweet.

Matty ordered a macchiato ($4), which came in a tiny cup! I think I can finish that cup of coffee in two gulps. Guess it's a good drink for those who don't really like milk in their coffee.

We started off with one of the most fragrant servings of mushroom soup ($9.80) that we've had! We especially liked the little dribble of truffle oil which made the soup so intoxicatingly nice-smelling! The truffle oil adds a hint of flavour to the soup as well without completely destroying it.

We then shared the Caesar Salad ($10.80), which was pretty average and the

their famous char siew pork burger ($19.90)! I ate most of the fries on this plate partly because I was being greedy and partly also because I had not eaten fries for more than two weeks due to being ill! =( It was a satisfying treat! =P

Then came the other famous dish: the deconstructed strawberry cheesecake ($9.80)! I can't help but feel compelled to order this every time I visit Relish because I am easily swayed by 'signature dishes' or 'recommended dishes'!

Knowing that the strawberry cheesecake would be slightly small to share, we chose to order the molten chocolate cake with vanilla icecream and bananas ($13.50). It was truly delectable though I felt that the vanilla icecream could be much tastier if it had more body.

We left feeling extremely full and satisfied! There's no doubt that we'll be back again in the near future! Have a great weekend! (:

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  1. The char siew looks like the one at Restoran Oversea!