Saturday, November 2

Lobby Lounge High Tea Buffet

Hello! (:

We're down to the last week of school and frankly I can't wait for this coming week to end so that I can start tying things up and preparing for next year before taking a break in December!

We've been wanting to go for a decent high tea for a long time but it's really difficult to get a table at the popular high tea places if you call the day before or the day of the visit because most of the time, they're fully booked out! =( The problem with me is that I don't really fancy making reservations a week or two in advance because I can't be sure that I won't have last minute plans so I need to get around this problem or I'll not be able to have my good high tea any time soon!

Thankfully, Matty managed to find a relatively nice place for high tea last weekend - Lobby Lounge at Orchard Pan Pacific Hotel. Their weekend high tea costs $38++/pax so it's relatively affordable compared to other weekend high tea buffets. What was lovely about this place is the ambience and comfortable setting - you really feel like you can sit there for hours talking! (: The downsides are that there are limited staff and they aren't very attentive so you might have to wait a while before they get to you, and that the food selection is neither large nor is the food fantastic but both are average so it's alright (:

I'll just post some photos we took that day and you can make out the food on your own ;)

We could choose to have coffee or tea first and then switch to the other beverage if we got tired of drinking the first beverage that we ordered. I thought that was a nice touch because some other high tea places only allow you to choose one type of beverage. 

Oh we could order any of these'main course' items on the menu but we only chose to have the laksa and the char kway teow cos we weren't attracted to the other two. Like the rest of the dishes, these two were average in terms of taste.

On the whole, I wouldn't recommend going to Lobby Lounge for high quality buffet food but if food is your secondary concern and you want a nice place to chill, relax and chat, then this would be a good place to visit (:

Alright have a good weekend everyone! (:

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