Tuesday, November 26

Baker and Cook

Hello (:

I unintentionally started an eggs benedict 'phase' last week when I had eggs benny twice last week, which is actually a first for me since I'm not really a fan of eggs benedict. But I guess it is one of the more hearty breakfasty dishes and since I was having that for lunch on both occasions, I was more than happy to have something more substantial! (:

My good friend and colleague accompanied me to Baker and Cook last week for lunch since we were both back in school that day (: I usually patronise Baker and Cook to buy pastries for my family and sometimes I buy their quiche set (which comes with a side salad) and so far, the quality of food has yet to disappoint.

We ordered a cup of cappuccino ($4.50) each to start off our meal because we find their cappuccino good (: I thought the little brownie was a nice touch (:

Their eggs benedict with smoked salmon ($19) was generally tasty though I wish the eggs were a tad warmer and less hard? I think they pre-cooked the eggs then heat the eggs up again just before serving or perhaps they really undercooked the eggs because the egg white was a tad hard and it wasn't very warm when I ate it =| Other than that, I thought the sauce that they drizzled all over the plate gave a light sweetness to the bread and complemented the eggs, salmon and baby spinach well. I think I would have enjoyed this dish a lot more if it were warmer but it was generally okay (:

I'll post photos of Choupinette's eggs benedict in my next post! (: Shall finish up my work and go to bed (: Goodnight! (:

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