Friday, November 22

Skinny Pizza

Hello! (:

It's great that the long week has finally ended! Actually I think I just really need to stop going to school to get more of my own things done cos whenever I go to school, I am left with less time to clear my own work so I guess it's good that things are dwindling down. Hopefully I'll get more time to do what I have to and want to do in the next couple of weeks before the holidays take over.

Anyway, not too long ago, we went to town wanting to have lunch at Sun with Moon but it was packed and we were told that we had to wait 30-40min for a table so we decided to just walk across the walkway to Skinny Pizza, where we had a delectable meal! (: I almost forgot how wonderful it is to have Skinny Pizza/ House-type of food (:

We ordered 3 side dishes ($18) mainly because I am a fan of their side dishes and I thought it would be nice to have some variety for lunch (:

We ordered sweet potato fries, which were fantastic! (: I really love them and I wish they were more readily available! I like that the sweet potato was still sweet and slightly moist despite being deep fried. I will highly recommend this if you like sweet potato!

I've never had their parsley and truffle mashed potato, but it was really smooth and not-too-buttery, which was fine with me (: I think this dish would have been better shared between 3-4 people cos both of us got quite full from trying to finish eating this mess tin worth of mashed potato (which we ultimately didn't manage to finish). So unless you are a huge mashed potato lover or can stomach a lot of mashed potato, I wouldn't recommend this dish for two mainly because it would be way too filling/ too much. 

The 1/4m pork aausage on the other hand was perfect because it is just nice! (: Not too much and not too little. Great for people who need a little meat in their diet! (:

I think this 3-sides option is a great alternative to choosing 1 main course cos you get to try three dishes at one go! It's also great as a 'starter' for people who dine in a group cos you get to share a range of starters. In short, I like how versatile this option is and I'll definitely get this if I'm fickle-minded or indecisive that particular day.

We also had our Skinny Pizza staple, King Prawn Linguine ($26) plus $3 for extra linguine! (:  Frankly we didn't know that we would have so much mashed potato cos if we had known, we wouldn't have opted to upsize our linguine but the linguine was flavourful and yummy as usual so we had no problems polishing this entire dish off its plate! =D If you want a peppery, flavourful pasta dish, THIS is it! (:

We decided to try their apple cider ($7) (not pictured) which was pretty nice too! If not for the fact that it is very slightly alcoholic, I think I would like to have a glass to myself. I think I'll just stick to sprite to be safe (:

Alright loads to do this exciting weekend! Looking forward to doing some of them! (: Have fun!

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