Wednesday, November 13

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

I must admit that I thought that this steakhouse had quite an unbelievably cute-sounding name when I first heard of it! Then my good friend, who is a steak lover, told me that he had always wanted to dine here so one fine evening, not too long ago, we decided to just walk in to Wooloomooloo since we were around the area and we were fortunate enough to get a table! (: 

Frankly, I was a little uncomfortable initially because this placed looked like a posh nosh kinda place but after settling down and getting used to this new environment, it actually felt quite okay (: Yes there were some very nicely dressed people and some business-looking people.. but there were also others dressed in a little less formally, a few couples who looked like they were more interested in the food and conversation than trying to impress and some lone diners, so really there was a mix of people and it felt like everyone was there to do their own thing instead of doing the "showy business" so that helped me relax a little more (:

We were served their amazing focaccia bread with butter shortly after we were seated and it was the best focaccia bread I've had in a long while! (: I really liked that it came warm and it wasn't sliced so we could decide how large a portion we wanted to have. It truly is a great start to the meal and there are other patrons who ordered an extra serving of bread just because they love it so much!

Their famous crab cake didn't disappoint as well. They were generous with the crab meat and the entire crab cake tasted fresh and flavourful. It helped that there were two kinds of sauces for us to have with our crab cake pieces and I think both were fine. I liked the lime that they provided too cos the lime juice added a slight zing to the crab cake and it was yummy! (:

What I appreciate about most restaurants is that they usually have a fish/ seafood/ vegetarian option even if it is famous for their meat and at Wooloomooloo, I was lucky enough to have their spinach and cheese ravioli! (: It was well-cooked and the spinach wasn't too dry. I seldom order ravioli because the insides of the ravioli tend to be too dry for my liking but in this case, it was fine (: I think the portion size was just right too cos it gave me just enough space for some dessert!

This is possibly the highlight of the night - a rich and juicy slab of steak! =D The previous photo shows the different types of sauces you can choose from to complement your steak. I thought that that was a very nice touch because it allows for more variety and you won't get sick of eating steak with the same sauce throughout the meal. My good friend said that his steak was cooked to the right done-ness so he was very pleased as he is particular about that.

Frankly speaking, we were both quite stuffed after eating our mains (and that huge piece of yummy focaccia bread) but we couldn't resist some desserts so we ordered their lime and lemon pie, which came with a lot of meringue! Personally, I would have liked it better if there weren't that much meringue but the lime and lemon made the tart a tad sourish so the meringue actually complemented the sour taste well (: However, if you aren't a fan of meringue, I would not recommend you to order this because I got quite sick of it after a while.. nevertheless, it was a good dessert to end our impromptu meal at Wooloomooloo! 

I probably won't be visiting it again any time soon but I will definitely keep this place in mind and recommend it to friends who are steak lovers. 

Have a good rest of the week! (: 

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