Saturday, November 16

Cha Cha Cha

Hello! (:

Hope your weekend is going great (: This weekend's gonna be "NE" weekend (pun unintended) because I'll be exploring the North-East part of Singapore! A bunch of us (and a lot of kids) went to Seng Kang today to attend a colleague's church wedding and I didn't expect to see so many unfamiliar sights along the way to the church! (: I told Jo, my best friend, about my "National Education" field trip to Seng Kang today and she said "wait till you see Punggol". HAHA! Now I can't wait to go to her place tomorrow to check Punggol out! =P

A week or two ago, Matty and I decided to drop by the relatively newly-opened Cha Cha Cha at 6th avenue for lunch because we were starving and didn't want to travel too far to get grub. Thankfully for us, Cha Cha Cha wasn't at all packed that day and the service was quick so we managed to satisfy our hunger before I/ we started getting grouchy.

I think their complimentary nachos with their very yummy and not-too-spicy salsa really helped to control the hunger pangs and almost incessant growls from our tummies. The nachos were pretty normal but I liked the salsa! (: Finally something not too spicy that I can enjoy with the nachos.

We ordered a bowl of seafood soup ($6.50) to share and it was generally okay but we felt that the soup had a relatively strong fishy taste but not in a terrible way (meaning it wasn't smelly-fishy but you could still taste it) so if you prefer not to have fishy-tasting soup, I think you should avoid this.

I was deciding between a rice dish or the mushroom quesadilla  ($14.50) but decided to get the latter instead since I am a fan of quesadillas. While they were generous with their servings of cheese and mushroom, I felt that they could have grilled the quesadillas for slightly longer so that all the cheese will melt. Most of my cheese flakes were cold and clumpy instead of being gooey and oozy =( I also felt that the cheese was too salty for my liking! Maybe I've gotten used to having Chili's quesadillas but even then, I still think this dish could have been better executed. Nonetheless, I ate it all up because I was famished and was kept full for the next few hours! So I guess it served its function of making me full (:

Matty had the beef fajita ($21) and he said that he liked it! Again, we couldn't help but make comparison to Chili's and he said Chili's is better but considering Cha Cha Cha's more affordable price, this was more than decent (:

Oh and sometime during the course of lunch, I couldn't take it and I ordered a glass of sprite ($4), which (to me) really helped to enhance the entire dining experience cos I think certain foods (especially cheesy foods) go well with fizzy drinks. But that's just my personal preference and opinion (:

In all, we were pleased with our virgin experience at Cha Cha Cha. Having all these grilled food makes me more determined to get a griller in future so that I can grill my own food (:

Alright that's all for now. Happy weekend! (:

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