Saturday, November 9

Sustenance from Baker & Cook and Amici for YEMP

Hello (:

School's finally out for all the JH kids! Phew! The past week has been quite crazy even though there're no official lessons. We had quite a number of informal meetings, activities and other things to deal with in general but the highlight of the week was definitely the JH4 Year End Milestone Party (YEMP). It's really wonderful that everyone who turned up bothered to dress up and they all looked really grown up (: The photos are being uploaded onto an open facebook page and I can't wait to see them!

Anyhow, I shall post photos of the food that I ate on YEMP day which got me through the day (: I don't remember how much these items cost because I didn't keep the receipts but whatever I had tasted great! (:

Before YEMP, we went to Baker and Cook for brunch because we had correctly anticipated that we wouldn't have time to have a proper lunch in school cos I had prep to do so we made the best decision ever to visit Baker and Cook for our brunch. I had wanted to try the eggs benedict but somehow I wasn't really up to eating poached egg that day so I opted for the normal scrambled eggs with toast and added salmon as an additional side. I liked that they were generous with their servings of eggs and salmon but I would have loved to have more bread cos I prefer to eat my eggs with bread and there wasn't enough bread to go with all the eggs! The consolation is that I went to Baker and Cook with an egg-lover who can help to finish the eggs. On the whole this dish satisfied me and kept me full for the entire afternoon so it something not to be missed if you want something filling! (:

The party went without a hitch and the kids generally enjoyed themselves, which was a good thing (: I arrived home at around 6pm and I didn't realise that I was hungry till about 6.30pm, and by then it was a tad too late cos I was famished! Roar! We wanted to to La Nonna to have dinner to mark the end of the party but it was crowded so we ended up at Amici, which was not a bad choice but I daresay that La Nonna serves nicer tasting food (:

We had carbonara risotto, which was very filling but very hearty as well. I reckon it might be impossible to finish this dish entirely on your own because you might get too gelat. Thankfully we had agreed to share our main courses so we didn't overdose on cream and cheese.

Their spicy crabmeat linguine provided a good balance to the heavy carbonara risotto. I liked that the linguine was cooked well and that they were not stingy with the crab meat! (: It definitely lived up to my expectations of it being a 'recommended dish' by the waiter!

Am just so thankful to have a foodie buddy as well as good food to last me through busy days and to accompany me through most of life's experiences (: Happy weekend! (: