Wednesday, September 29

Society Bar

To say that I had always wanted to eat at Society Bar would be a lie because the only reason why we ended up at Society Bar one fine Saturday afternoon was that OverEasy, the restaurant that we originally wanted to dine at, was closed. I guess we should have expected little glitches like this to happen once in a while, especially when we take our chances and not check the website or call to make a reservation.

Nevertheless, our foodie experience at Society Bar wasn't completely off-the-mark so we weren't too upset. At the very least, we'd nice scenary to look at and that kept us entertained most of the time while we were waiting for our food to arrive.

Since it was our first time there, we decided to play it safe and order their signature open-face burgers. I went for the

Vegetarian burger ($18), which consists of two huge muhrooms sitting atop a bed of rocket leaves with pesto sauce and cheese on it. This vegetable burger reminded me a little of Relish's tofu burger but the latter is much nicer. I don't think I'd eat this again because the best part of this dish was probably the straight-cut fries, which ironically requires the least amount of preparation and effort to cook.

Jeffrey's Surf & Turf burger ($20) was slightly more successful than mine because it actually had a stronger taste. His burger consists of beef patty with melted cheese and two fried battered shrimps on some greens and a piece of bread. I think this would make a decent SNACK and not a MEAL because the portion seems quite small =S

We didn't have desserts at Society Bar because their desserts didn't look appetizing at all. Instead, we went over to Esplanade to indulge in some icecream! I think Society Bar's probably a nicer place to hang out at night compared to the day (I don't know, I'm just speculating) and it certainly qualifies as a place to go for light bites. I doubt I'll return any time soon for a proper meal but I'll definitely pop in if I see nice desserts on offerin the near future! (:
Alright that's all for tonight! It's midweek! Hang in there everyone! (:

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