Monday, June 4

Riders Cafe

Hello everyone! (:

The first week of hols is already gone! Nooo! I wish time would really slow down because there are many things to be done this hols! I'll be out of the country from tomorrow onwards so I'm not too sure if I'll be able to get back to this blog till 2 weeks later but I'll definitely try my best! (:

Not too long ago, the three of us decided ended work early (meaning before 7pm) and we decided to head down to Riders Cafe for a relatively early dinner. Since it was Friday night, we didn't think we would be able to get a table but we managed to do so probably because it was 6+pm and the office crowd had yet to arrive! We were seated at the same table we had Jade's birthday celebration two years ago!

The two guys started off the evening with some nice cold drinks. Matty had the Hoegaarden $11/ bottle,

 Zaffrey had the iced chocolate ($5), which I thought was decent for its price and
I ordered the cappuccino ($4.50), which was extremely foamy! The coffee was pretty alright though.

Somehow I think I can always trust Zaffrey to order The Riders Burger ($17) because he always (coincidentally or otherwise) orders this when we visit Riders Cafe! haha As usual, he would say that the burger is okay and everyone would pick on his lightly salted fries (: Good dish to have if you love fries!

I must have had a risotto craving a few weeks back because I remember ordering this dish for most of my meals! Not surprisingly, I chose to have the the Scallop Risotto ($24), which was pretty creamy and nice-smelling, but I think you might not like this dish too much if you get gelat very easily.

Matty ended up having the BBQ Beef Short Ribs ($30), which he said was pretty good except that there were too many bones! haha

Oh and finally, THE dish that would make me go back to Riders Cafe - Death by Chocolate Cake ($12). It's possibly the most sinful chocolate cake anyone can eat because not only is the cake itself is already very chocolatey, it is swathed with a generous amount of chocolate sauce! Gosh. I would HIGHLY recommend this for SHARING purposes, especially if you are not a dessert/ chocolate monster! I must admit it's not the best chocolate cake I've eaten but it's the most monstrous and overwhelming, and hence, something to experience on its own! (:

Alright that's all for now! Lots to get through today and hope that all will be well and I'll be ready to leave for my holiday tomorrow! (:

Have a great week ahead!

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