Thursday, July 5

Shimbashi Soba

Hello (:

I thought I'd do a mid-week reprieve post (: We've been forgetting our camera quite a bit on our food trips recently so the photos below are taken with an iphone (pardon the quality).

We revisited Shimbashi Soba after many years and I think it still tastes the same as the last time I ate there, which is a good thing cos that means standards have not fallen.

This restaurant is perpetually crowded so you'll definitely have to wait for a table during peak hours. We went around 1ish on a Saturday and had to queue for about 20mins! There were Japanese diners amongst us and I think it says a lot about the restaurant when Japanese are willing to eat at a Japanese restaurant.

I ordered a Shoukadou B set ($26.80), which came with the items seen above. It was definitely filling and I was infinitely less grumpy after the meal (I get grumpy when I am hungry.. ha).

Matty chose to have the Shoukadou C Set ($28.80), which had an additional portion of beef if I'm not wrong. Matty said that the soba is definitely a notch above the usual soba that we find at other common Japanese food chains/ outlets so if you are a soba lover, do go to Shimbashi Soba for your soba fix!

You can choose to have either warm or cold soba and I think you should go for the cold soba if you want a more authentic experience. Somehow I feel that udon and ramen taste better warm and soba should be taken cold. I ordered warm soba on that day because I wanted something soupy and it wasn't too bad.

Alright it's late and I've school tomorrow so I'll end here (: Glad we're past the half-way mark this week! Goodnight!

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