Thursday, July 12

Seb's Bistro

Hello everyone (:

Am taking a short break from work so I'm going to write a post about Seb's Bistro, which possibly is my favourite alfresco bistro to go to because it serves nice food and it's not too warm!

Seb's Bistro is located at Rochester Park and I think we chose the right day to go to Seb's this time round because the weather was actually good! By good I mean cool, which is what we hope to have when we are having outdoor dining! It actually rained halfway through our meal and ended just after we finished our desserts, which was perfect because we could head out and go back home! You don't have to worry too much about the rain (unless it's a thunderstorm) because there are extendable canopies to cover the tables and seats (:

We ordered our drinks: ginger beer ($5.50) for him and orange juice ($8) for myself. As usual, I'm always so taken aback by the cost of fruit juices at restaurants! Well the sprite was also expensive so I hought it'd just go with the orange juice since it was the first thing that caught my attention.

For mains, he chose to have the Grilled Rib Eye Steak ($34), which was nicely cooked (: I think it was rare to see potatoes come in that form but apparently it went quite well with the steak! I loved stealing his carrots and beans and I'm convinced that main courses with a side of greens that isn't made up of lettuce or salad-ish things appeal to me (:

I chose to have the vegetable moussaka ($19), which was a huge let down because firstly, the portion size is way too small and secondly, it didn't taste nice at all! I think the lack of pasta made the entire dish very gooey because there was nothing to hold the sauce and cheese together. Oh well I'll order something else next time!

Thankfully their desserts turned out to be much better than expected! I was contemplating having desserts there because I didn't wish to be disappointed again but the lemon tart ($9) and the warm chocolate cake ($11) were delicious! (: I think the lemon tart deserves special mention because it had enough sour twang yet it wasn't overdone! The chocolate cake came nicely warmed and the chocolate 'lava' actually oozed out after the first cut. Yummy!

I know that I'll be back again in the near future but when I do revisit, I'll remember to stay away from the moussaka and to order desserts!

Alright that's all for now (: Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. R there mozzies here though?

    1. There weren't mozzies on the days that I went but you can always wear longs to be safe (: