Sunday, July 29



I've been terribly busy of late hence the lack of posts but I thought I should squeeze in an entry tonight before going to bed!

A new cafe called Chums recently started operations so Matty and I decided to head there to try out their food!

Perhaps the thing that strikes me most about Chums is its remarkably relaxed and homely ambience. I think it helps greatly that they play soothing and country-like music because it definitely helps to set one at ease. I personally like their decor as it looks inviting and non-intimidating. They offer indoor and outdoor seating but with the heat these days, most diners usually gravitate towards indoors where there is airconditioning.

A cup of warm cappuccino ($5.50) as well as

a glass of fresh orange juice ($7) to drink while we were waiting for our food to arrive.

Their soup of the day ($9), which was cauliflower and chicken if I'm not wrong and it tasted great! What tasted even better were the slices of toast that accompanied the bread - they were toasted to perfection! Totally loved them!

I opted to have the Veggie Breakie ($15.90) because I could actually eat every single item on this plate! (: Seeing so much food instantly perked me up and made my day! The scrambled eggs were particularly good and I think the choice to give some slices of avocados was ingenious as they gave more texture to the dishes.

Matty chose to have the fish & chips ($16) and it totally blew him away! He was so impressed by this dish that he insisted that I tried a slice of his battered fish & chips and true enough, the fish was tender and juicy and it went so well with the batter! It was a pity that the fries weren't as warm as they could have been. Nevertheless, it's definitely a dish that we will be keen on ordering again if we were to go back!

We didn't have desserts that day because they didn't look too appealing but we might try the next time we visit Chums, which I suspect will be soon.

Alright that's all! Have a great Sunday! (:

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