Thursday, July 19


Hello everyone,

I managed to survive three long days in a row so I'm giving myself a little break by allowing myself to blog about Bronte! (: Bronte is a cosy cafe located at Greenwood, which is a stone's throw away from school, and it is a perfect place for a nice, relaxing meal!

I went to Bronte not too long ago with my newfound family members and we had quite a great time eating and bonding!

We chose to sit indoors because it was a relatively sunny day that day and it proved to be a good idea because it was cool and quiet inside. The interior decor of Bronte is simple yet cosy and we felt very much at ease there!

Instead of the usual eggs benedict, I decided to go for something sweeter because I felt like I needed sugar! The banana pancake ($16) was HUGE! It was thick and relatively fluffy and it went welll with the bananas and maple syrup! I had thought that they would put banana bits into the batter and make banana-bread-ish-like-pancakes but I guess this would be an easier way to do it because you can control the batter better. I'm no pancake connoisseur but I think this was pretty well done (: Worth a try if you want something sweet!

Both my loved ones chose to have the Bronte Biggie ($24 each) and if you look closely enough, you'll see that one comes with hashbrown and no spinach and the other comes with spinach but no hashbrown (: Also, there're 2 different types of sausages and the two of them basically traded one sausage for the other so that they could try both pork and chicken sausages.They loved their breakfast sets and I think it's definitely something to try if you're in the mood for some lunch/ brunch! The platter will most likely be sufficient to fill you up!

Unfortunately, none of the desserts seemed appetizing to us so we decided to leave Bronte shortly after our meal.

It definitely was a refreshing change having such a clandestine family outing but it was pretty fun too (: Hope that we'll end up going for more 'family outings' in the near future!

Alright I think this is enough - I need to catch up on rest. Will update again soon! Goodnight! (:

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